Hanorah Speaks on “The Drudge” of the Human Experience

Sorry for the wait and bear with me!

That’s what I’ll be saying for posts over the next few days and weeks. Between my vanilla job picking up steam and responsibilities, a bout with depression, Mother’s Day and all that entails and having to tell multiple people that their [excrement] does stink, I’ve had an eventful (and busy) May. That said, we’re going to get through the rest of these before I go and post about anything newer.

Hanorah’s “The Drudge” is an interesting track, in that it’s an upbeat-sounding tune that’s a bit playful with a bit of a darker underbelly. That duality helps the Montreal artist tell a story that you yourself may be familiar with (and no, you have to listen to fully hear what I’m talking about; I can’t give you all the juice at once). Add in some incredible, thought-provoking visuals and vocals that are crisp, clean and reassuring all at once? You’ve got yourself the makings of a great song that, like her album, Perennial, “blurs the lines between the recurring cycles of time, choice and circumstance.” In other words you’ve got songs like “The Drudge” which play around with Groundhog Day-esque concepts put to neo-soul. Again, it’s really captivating stuff in that it’s something I wouldn’t have thought to do in all honesty. She’s out here thematically living in 3023.

Yes, I’m absolutely being real and honest when I say things like that; I don’t have it in my writer’s DNA (or any DNA) to BS. I do, however, have it in me to be sometimes corny. Just know: if I’m corny about your music or go hyperdeep on your post(s), that means I really like it.

If this intrigued you, I recommend checking out the parent project and doing the thing we do by supporting dope music in all its forms.

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