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Ehiorobo is Like Munstar on Latest Track

New music from Ehiorobo.

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New SOTBMusic: @Gorillaz – Humanz

It’s a Gorillaz album about the changing climate, politically and otherwise. Of course things are going to go to places unexpected. But, does that make it a classic in the making? I’ll be honest. Not exactly. The fact that it’s 26 tracks (even if some are breezy little interludes and others are short tracks) will […]

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@xDannyxBrownx – Atrocity Exhibition in 300 Words or Less

Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition is a shitshow, and I mean that in a best way possible. Stick with me before you crucify me. From the opening track, “Downward Spiral,” two things are known. One, this album is going to take a load of risks, as evident by the Hendrix-esque psychedelic guitar licks applied on the beat and […]

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