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New SOTBMusic: @BmoreSupplier Wants You To Fuck It Up and Lose Control

So I decided to dust the Baltimore Supplier hat off for a bit for some “mellow club music,” flipping and chopping The Weeknd’s “Live For.” This is not the track that’ll appear on Mama Young’s Son, but is a club loosie. Check it out below and if you’re rocking with it, support dope music in all […]

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#SEPT5SOTB and what it means.

So, you’ve been probably wondering what in the fuck does this #SEPT5SOTB nonsense have to do with anything. A lot. So, let me take you through some history. On September 5, 1920, my father was born. So, that’s why I want to announce these things on this date versus some random day. Everything that I […]

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