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SOTBNerdy: Go Watch Letterkenny

Every so often, a show will come around and become a bit of a pop culture phenomenon. From tearjerkers such as This is Us to Black AF shows such as Black-ish and Insecure to Szechuan Sauce-reviving, genre-blending space trips like Rick and Morty, select shows become part of our pop culture consciousness and make us […]

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Deapool 2 Looks Lit AF. Duh.

Anyone know the number to 911? No Good Deed — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) March 4, 2017 //…there’s nothing left to say about the Deadpool 2 trailer that hasn’t already been said. It’s lit. It’s excellent. It’s hilarious. The whole Old Man and the Sea diatribe was both real spit and informative while still being […]

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