Valentino's Corner

Educational Activist Stephanie Chambers Sets to Transform Lives with “You Don’t Have the Luxury” Single, Video, and Platform

Despite mainstream views of commercialized rap and other mass media stereotypical portrayals of the culture, Hip Hop is at its strongest and most influential peak of positivity. From Christopher Edmin, Tricia Rose, Marc Lamont Hill, Jocelyn Wilson and a plethora of more Hip Hop educational juggernauts on all levels, there are many in the field […]

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An Interview with @AWKWORDRap

Throughout the years and interviews on, it’s somewhat obvious that I tend to highlight artists who are going about their paths differently than your typical artist. So, today’s interviewee should come as no surprise. AWKWORD is a rap veteran whose “unfiltered protest music” has made its way into many ears and has helped spark […]

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