Educational Activist Stephanie Chambers Sets to Transform Lives with “You Don’t Have the Luxury” Single, Video, and Platform

Despite mainstream views of commercialized rap and other mass media stereotypical portrayals of the culture, Hip Hop is at its strongest and most influential peak of positivity. From Christopher Edmin, Tricia Rose, Marc Lamont Hill, Jocelyn Wilson and a plethora of more Hip Hop educational juggernauts on all levels, there are many in the field today spreading Hip Hop Education in the most transformative ways. The 5th and secret element of Hip Hop, Knowledge, is alive and well. This article focuses on a community woman making great strides within her own community.

The powers of polished decorum, artistry and education do not have to always be segregated in order to make immeasurable impacts in the community. Educator and community activist Stephanie Chambers is such an example. This past June, her and I would have the esteemed pleasure of being introduced to one another. In our time, I was able to learn about her masterfully juggling the lessons from her upbringing, love of academia and power of God in all that she does.

Stephanie Chambers hails from Ohio, and was brought up in a strong sense of family, togetherness and presentation. Her mother and father would stress to Chambers and her siblings the importance of academia, putting Chambers and her other two siblings through higher education. Stephanie’s mother would also be meticulously intentional in teaching her children dining etiquette, taking them to local theater productions like the Nutcracker, and training them diligently how to be global players in the world.

Now, in her tenure of spreading positivity, her love for art and her love for the community, and keeping true with her God sent mission, Stephanie Chambers (under the name Lady Steph) releases her newest song funneling her beliefs and mission into one.


Stephanie would also take time to explain to me her rationale for creating her artistic peace as well as her platform in general.


Chambers:  I’m a middle school writing teacher that saw a need to let the students know that the time they spend in school is only a short part of their full life ahead of them. They need to know that all of us have a purpose to be here on this earth. None of us have the luxury to get in trouble and waste our lives away. Instead of students fighting and bullying each other, use that energy for something fun, creative, and unpredictable like having a dance challenge/battle and then squash it from there.

I believe that God blessed all of us with at least one talent. Some people may have five, ten, or more or fewer talents but everyone has at least one talent to contribute to the betterment of mankind. Growing up, my mother would tell my siblings and me that, “People don’t have the luxury to sit around and eat Bon Bons all day. They need to find out what their purpose is in life.” My parents both supported and encouraged us to use our talents and our knowledge to be good individuals to help others without expecting anything in return.

My goal is to let children, young adults, and adults, in general, to know that there is something unique and special about each and every one of us. Know your purpose and make a positive difference and change in your life. My hopes are that enough people will like my song so that I can use a portion of the proceeds to provide lunch for students to take home, so they will have something to eat after school while they do their homework and sleep well.”

MV: Would you like to shout anyone out?

Chambers: Chris Chambers, Monica Chambers, Art Jones, Juan Kinley, Ryan Smith, Alex Bleich, Matt H., Erika (Chambers)Arrain Charles W., Justin, the parents of the students, (Avrionna, Gloria, Taylor, Egypt, Janiah, & Tderyan), Marlaine Jones, Tierra B., and a special thanks to the entire staff of the Toy Barn; especially Marc S., JK, Chris, and Tyler !


You can follow Stephanie Chambers on her LinkedIn @ Stephanie Chambers or her Youtube channel @ Lady Steph to keep up with her journey and activism.

– M.Valentino


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