New SOTBMusic, SOTBMusic

Lex Rush Goes Lo-Fi and Spits About Love and Lust

(Ed. Note: If you’re reading this, you’ll notice that the “SOTBMusic” lead-in isn’t there. Someone I used to rock with, they actually made that comment to me years ago. Crazy thing is, I didn’t think of it again until recently. By posting everything as “SOTBMusic,” I could confuse people into thinking it’s something I worked […]

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Rejected: The Story of Ms. Pink Jacket, Part Two

In our initial “Rejected,” I spoke of someone I named Ms. Pink Jacket. But, I realized I left out some important details, such as how we met and what happened after the song. To begin, let’s go back to Baltimore, Maryland in 2004. It was here that I ran for my high school’s class president […]

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