Lex Rush Goes Lo-Fi and Spits About Love and Lust

(Ed. Note: If you’re reading this, you’ll notice that the “SOTBMusic” lead-in isn’t there. Someone I used to rock with, they actually made that comment to me years ago. Crazy thing is, I didn’t think of it again until recently. By posting everything as “SOTBMusic,” I could confuse people into thinking it’s something I worked on myself or make the featured artist’s artistry more about me. That’s never my intention, so we’ll let the artists speak for themselves even more so from here on out. Pieces about music will still bear the “SOTBMusic” category, but we’re not going to be redundant and title them as such.)

Leave it to Lex Rush to go lo-fi and just rip the track. The New York rhymesayer and SOTBMusic mainstay hopped on Matt Shi’s “The Feeling” instrumental and left nothing to chance. For me, Lex is at her best when she’s playful and sexy but also introspective. Here is no exception.

We’re given a good deal of lyricism about her feelings towards a prospective partner and the joy she feels when things connect. We’re also shown some of the insecurities Lex may feel when dealing with her significant other. In order to be in any relationship, a chunk of oneself must be given up to become an “us.” Lex understands this and details how, while love and lust can be intoxicating, both love and lust are also scary. Matt Shi’s production is top-notch, blending sped-up soul chops with boisterous, driving drum hits to give us something along the lines of “that old Kanye” feel.

Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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