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SOTBMusic: Libretto and BusCrates are Eternal Ridin’ on New Project

Libretto and Pittsburgh’s BusCrates recently collaborated for Eternal Ridin’, a project that’s distinct in its approach to discussing the struggle and oppression. It’s not doom and gloom, but it’s not celebratory of the predicaments, either. Instead, Libretto lays out his philosophies over Buscrates production about life, the game, and the new wave of so-called rappers. […]

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SOTBMusic: Let’s Talk "The London"

Young Thug, musically, aged like a decent-to-halfway fine wine. Controversial yet brave words, like I’m Eric Andre, especially considering I originally thought that the dude wasn’t all that good as an artist. In fact, I called him an appropriation of Heavy Auto-Tune-era Lil’ Wayne. But when I thought that, I was on some close-minded “I […]

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