DOA and Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy It

Quesadilla and nachos, hombres and chicas.

So, as you probably don’t–but definitely should–know, my partner in rhyme my DAR compatriot True God releases his second full-length album, DOA, in a couple of weeks. And, just as I did with my no-fi opus RAQUEL RELOADED (The Devolution and Death of the Modern Male), here are some reasons why you should check out Mr. True G, Skip the OD’s newest release.

1) The cover art won’t hurt your eyes. It’s simple, beautiful, and gets an awesome message across. In short, the cover art is the yin to RR’s “holy fuck, my soul is being sucked into an endless abyss”-style yang.

Plus, it has Black Panthers on it. The real Black Panthers, circa Huey Newton’s era. Not the “oh, hay! Let’s go stage protests on Twitter and talk a bunch of shit we’ll never do” Black Panthers you often see today.

 2) The music is amazing. Of course, I have a bias towards this album, as I produced all the instrumentals, acted as the co-executive producer of the whole project, and played a huge part in shaping the album’s final feel. But, aside from that, the album is great. It has songs everyone can “fuck with,” from the “real purists” to the “fans that like three words per bar” and everyone in between. I mean, who has an album that samples a CM Punk shoot, Boyz N The Hood and Bamboozledand MLK, Malcolm, and Bruce-friggin’-Lee over the course of it?

3) It’s a reflective piece of work. The album speaks on True’s maturation from birth through the release of the album, and ends with a cautionary tale to his unborn daughter. (That’s all I’m going to say on that one.)

4) It’s scary, but in a good way, meaning that it will shock you, and is controversial, but just as RR, it’ll keep you motivated to change the world around you (even if True says his music isn’t really about that, it sure as hell has motivated a growing legion of people to start doing something good in their world).

5) Buying DOA will stop Obama from winning a second term will make you open your eyes.

6) Buying DOA will win Obama a second term. allow you to start making your own damn decisions.

7) Buying DOA will make you want to vote True God for President and Speed on the Beat as his VP.

8) Buying DOA promotes hair growth for balding, impotent men.

9) DOA gets the ladies’ panties wet ::in my Juicy J voice:: with songs such as “Modern Day Woman.”

10) The more copies of DOA you buy, the more I’ll keep posting this:

Plus, I just like watching it. Over and over. And over.

11)  If you buy DOA, we won’t have to keep saying this: (just being honest)

Speed on the Beat

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