Evangelion and the Eureka Seven Complex (Or "Why Renton is Easy")

(Originally posted 4/24/13 on Speed on the Beat’s Anime Surplus)

Ignore Amuro. He’s not important in this discussion.

Greetings, guys.

As you may know, in addition to being a kickass beatsmith, overly blunt critic, and No-Fi King-spitting lyricist, I’m also a giant anime nerd. As part of that nerdiness, I’ve taken to revisiting Neon Genesis Evangelion (the original, not the Rebuild series, as it’s not even completed yet) and the Eureka Seven/Eureka Seven: AO connections–and, of course, the (spiritual) predecessor of both franchises, Space Runaway Ideon.

For those not in the know, here’s a brief summary of SRI, per teh Wiki, which I won’t post here (Ed. Note: I will, however, post the opening theme. Because it’s all sweet hotness 1980s anime shit). All you need to know is that it’s from one of the minds behind the original Gundam and deals with “aliens” that are really not aliens and humans and these “aliens” joining together at the end to become one giant living soul-type thingy.

Plus, it has awesome 1980s entrance music, as mentioned.

As you can tell from the title, I’m not going to focus much on SRI.

Now, I’m sure you have heard of NGE. If you haven’t, ask some random fanboy to explain it to you. Or watch one of the many parody videos of the series to get the gist–albeit sarcastically. I personally recommend the video “Shinji is (Not) a Pussy.” Anyhow, call me a spoiled brat, but I think that NGE does Ideon better than Ideon. How? Well, first, it makes it all nice and “pretty” for the post-Cobain era of anime fans (Ed. Note: the series was first aired in late-1995 in Japan). What that means is that, in reality, Hideaki Anno makes it all dark and twisted and shit. He also adds in some Christian-related, man/human, psychobabble/philosophical fuckery, kids with horrible abandonment issues, clones, robots with (spoiler alert) human souls, usually of the dead parents of their pilots. The main character is basically piloting a humanoid robot that’s part-God that also has the soul of the pilot’s mommy. and tons of fan-service. Seriously, look up “Evangelion Fanservice.” Sure, towards the end, it gets ironic, but it still exists.

The end of the series (after the end of the series) involves a giant fucking nekkid chick that also happens to be a “clone” of the main character’s mom/the main character’s “friend”/the Harbinger of All Things Primordial Soup-Related.

Of course, the series has been the source of controversy/remakes/endless debates on the Interwebz.

Oh, and bee-tee-dubs, the robots are also halfway sentient beings.

And, Eureka Seven, the most recent-started of the three and takes elements of the first two (especially skin-tight suits for teenage girls, because apparently, the Japanese–and all anime fans in general–are all horny perverts that love teenagers in skin-tight body suits). It then adds in a “motley crew” (read: there are a couple of dark-skinned people that may or may not be non-anime-Asian) of 20-somethings, a crazy chick that’s part-AJ Lee, part-“anime anti-heroine stereotype #2402” who’s named after a flower who’s also been injected with blood–or something–to make her similar (but not exactly like) the alien chick who’s the show’s namesake, and some of the most annoying kids in the history of anime, and has the alien chick and the main emo kid married and with child by the time of the sequel series.

I hate these fucking kids. Especially the “black” one. I don’t hate him
because he’s black, however. I hate him because his voice is possibly
the most grating I’ve ever heard–anime or otherwise. 

But, after looking at all three series, I’m going to say something that is considered somewhat sacrilegious in the anime nerd community. Eureka Seven kind of does NGE better than NGE does itself. It does away with a lot of the unneeded mindfuckery. I love NGE, and appreciate it. And, I know that Anno was in a severe mindfuck himself. But, it has too much mindfuckery to be coherent at some points. In some ways, to be completely honest with you, the E7 series is a perfect introduction to NGE because of their similarities. But, that isn’t the point of what I’m getting at.

Meet Truth of E7:AO. See what they did there? He is the truth of the series.
He antagonizes the main character and his crew until the end, where he turns out
to be actually the soul of the main character’s robot, in some fucktarded alternate/real timeline.
Plus, like most anime badasses, he looks like a fuckin’ chick.

Here are some possible reasons/theories as to why I feel this way:

Perhaps it’s because E7 has 50 episodes plus AO to deal with its own mindfuckery. AO is a 24-episode “sequel” series starring Shinji, Asuka, and Rei that aforementioned half-human/half-alien kid and two chicks. It pretty much copies NGE word for word, throws in a Renton/Nirvash reference here or there, and has a genderly-ambiguous type of guy (sound familiar?) that ends up being a deus ex machina of the whole goddamned thing. Now, I know the notoriety and the story behind Anno’s financial troubles with NGE. And, I appreciate his attempts to properly conclude the series–and leave it open for interpretation/other movie series and shit, such as the Rebuild of Evangelion series; the new film series takes NGE and turns it all E7-like, oddly enough, but then completely ends up mindfucking everyone once again. I personally loved the last two episodes of the original series, but some fans whined and bitched about them–hence the new ending movies, the RoE series, etc. But, financial limitations or no, the series still left way too much to the imagination–and not even in the “o hai guyz we canz talk about this in 20 years” way.

Perhaps it’s because Dai Sato et al had almost a decade to learn from Anno’s mistakes, miscues, and shit to craft an anime that dealt with all types of psychological and religious shit without being preachy with it? In addition, there have been several series post-NGE, but pre-E7, that deal with similar topics, such as RahXephon. Perhaps BONES, with its glossy-ass mecha and stuff just appealed more to me (I admittedly watched E7 completely through before NGE. Shit, I was like 7 when NGE started and by the time I was in high school, people were all about Naruto, DBZ (still), and other shit)? Maybe Renton didn’t come off as such a whiny little pussy for the whole damn anime? Nah, they both had their “waaah, woe is me!!!” moments.

Meh. I still think NGE is better because of its complexity. E7 in some ways is just better because it’s more accessible/less mindfucky.

Plus, Anno et al understand something simple to understanding me.
Speed + anime + girl in glasses that kick ass = happy Speed.
And, no, I don’t fap to Mari screen caps. I get real-life sex.
With women.
Over 18. 



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