Vinny Virgo – "Started Chasing Dreams"

Received this one in my inbox.

Ummm, remember how I said that if I heard one more rapper put out a “Started From the Bottom” remix that I’d probably off myself?

Looks like I’ll be getting ready to load up on guns.

The thing about Vinny Virgo is, after checking out his mixtape MMAH (Me, Myself, and High), you come to expect something a bit different. The self-proclaimed “Real Ass Weird Ass Nigga” comes off as a unique combination of Cudi and Curren$y with a Meek Mill-like ferocity on some tracks and a self-awareness unseen in many first efforts. This remix isn’t any of that, unless I’m missing the point.

Virgo delivers a paint-by-numbers rendering of the track, even going as far as to completely emulate Drake’s delivery and flow. Unless it’s a “hey, I’m going to murder you on your own shit by doing the same shit you did–only better” type of thing, it just doesn’t work that well here. Sure, Virgo’s self-awareness shines through–especially in several references to how he was the “fat kid” growing up. But, all in all, it comes off as a throwaway track that should’ve been found on another artist’s compilation, not released as a remix/remake from an artist that already seems above some of his peers.

Speed on the Beat

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