The Speed on the Beat GoFundMe

Greetings, all.

So, as you may’ve seen, I started a GoFundMe for my “I want to donate to charity and raise money for Jovanni’s College Fund, but want to do it directly and kind of in a grassroots type-of-way” initiative. In short, I know that there are people out there that may want to aid my cause, but don’t necessarily like my music. It’s ok, I get it. No-Fi rap isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’ve done this.


Questions I’m Sure You Have:
1) How does the money get divided? Out of every one dollar, five cents is given to GoFundMe. That’s their policy, not mine. That leaves 95 cents. 40 cents of that goes directly to charity. 40 cents goes directly to my son’s college fund. That leaves 15 cents that goes to myself to cover promotion costs, management fees, and the like. Those management fees include costs of producing my own music (as previously mentioned, my music serves a similar charitable purpose. But, let’s be honest–music isn’t cheap) and aiding to keep the lights on (I mean, I might as well use it to help myself as well)

2) Who is Jovanni? Jovanni is my son. He’s an adorable two-and-a-half-year-old ball of energy and the reason why I’ve straightened up my act. Simply put, he’s the most important person in my life. So, anything I can do to make his life easier, I’m going to do.

3) What if I don’t want to buy your music? If you don’t want to purchase, for instance, Just Can’t See Myself, this is specifically designed for you that want to help, but don’t like rap or don’t like “no-fi” or what have you

4) Why haven’t you just given money to charities/non-profits and leave it at that? Well, I have. But, I’d rather go about it this way so I know the money that I’m giving to charity goes where it should. Hence my transparency about where the money goes. 

5) Is this different from the “#TeamDAR Charity Fund” True God mentions? Yes and no. No because it still, in some ways, falls under the TeamDAR umbrella of helping the world. But, it is a separate entity from the DARHelps Donation Fund, and part of something that I’ve been doing before TeamDAR. 

6) Why should I trust you? As I’ve said time and time again, I had no reason to just run off with your money. I’ve outlined how the money will be split up. And, it’s linked to my real name as well. If I wanted to lie/swindle, I wouldn’t use my government name to do it.

7) What happens if the amount raised surpasses $4,000? If and when it does, the same rules will still apply. Nothing will change except, hey, you helped surpass my expectations.
Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on

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