The Youth Dreamers Close Their Doors


About two months-plus removed from my interview with Ms. Davis, I received me a press release detailing the closure of the organization. Upon the closure of the Dream House, the Youth Dreamers have decided to do the following:

“After much deliberation we have decided to rent the house to a sister organization – Baltimore Teacher Network (BTN–, a growing network of professional teachers, researchers and community activists, with a stake in the public discussion of teaching and learning.  We know they will love the Dream House and respect our neighbors as we did. With this rental income, we are hoping to launch a scholarship program that will give youth the opportunity to set their goals as we mentor them through college with a personalized support system.  All of our staff will transition to volunteers.”

While this is shocking news, it hammers home several points. One, if you care about something, don’t wait until it’s almost gone to get off your [butt] and do something. Fight for your cause at all times, or don’t fight at all. Two, it shows that, even if our intentions are pure, there can always still be challenges in our way (in the regard of nonprofits, it often comes down to financial issues). This goes back to point one, though. If you support a cause or a nonprofit, pass the word on to everyone you know. Let them know it’s a great cause–don’t just hog the glory for yourself. That’s selfish, detrimental, and ultimately can take away from your cause(s).

In “death,” as in life, we grow and take on new meanings. For the Youth Dreamers, this is not a demise. Nor is it a failure. Please, for all that are reading this, do not take my words as condemning you nor the YD organization. I am shocked. But, as I’ve said, this is not a failure on anyone’s behalf, but a new beginning. I wish the organization the best in their future endeavors. And remember, if you need anything, just give me a call.

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