An Exclusive Interview w/Taka

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the text interview I promised with @TheOfficialTaka from the first episode of The Speed Report, Season 2 (seen below)

SOTB: For those that may’ve missed the video interview, introduce yourself a bit.

Taka: If this is the first time your hearing about me, it won’t be your last. I’m not out here chasing dreams. I’m simply tryna get big money the best way I can. I make music everyday ‘cuz I love to do it. I need it. It helps me stay balanced but more importantly it gives me a purpose. It gives me a passion. 
Fans always talk about how versatile I am. Not just in terms of tracks but with music as a whole. I started playing piano when I was 3, so I easily picked up a variety of instruments and recently started producing my own records including my last single Insane. That was the first beat I created myself. I also got a lotta tracks that I’m bouta drop, my website’s bouta release within the next couple months, and I got some other things on the way but I can’t give away too much right now so I’mma cut it there. Make sure to stay updated with my Youtube & Twitter pages. Follow me @TheOfficialTaka.
SOTB: What started you on the path to rap?

Taka: Like I said before…I’ve been involved with music since I was 3. As far as the rapping element, the security it gave me while growing up was big. Rap also has what this city lacked–Culture, hunger,

and swag. Em was one of the main artists I used to listen to while growing up, ‘cuz I was inspired and relieved that someone so different could become that successful. 

While growing up, it was difficult finding that comfort zone for me. Both my parents were battling cancer, and it almost took both of them for different reasons. Being adopted out of Tokyo, they were the only family I had and knew. I remember thinking when I was a kid if anything happened, they were gonna take me away and bring me back to Japan off jump, so it was hard to feel settled. Plus our family was completely different compared to everyone else, so I didn’t feel like I belonged. I wasn’t able to put the pieces together until later…But you don’t see a multiracial couple in wheelchairs with an adopted Asian son ’round here on the regular. I grew up with a rebellious mindset off bat, and I was getting intro trouble, and fuckin’ shit up, and wildin’ at times with the team ‘cuz I was so angry.
As I matured, I realized instead of being pissed off and getting into shit, I needed to focus on changing my surroundings so I can find happiness in this world.
When I was 17 I started venting my frustrations by writing and freestyling. I never started rapping trying to become a rapper. I started rapping cause it was something I loved to do and needed. It ended up being a perfect career for me, not only so I could vent my frustrations but also find a purpose here. It was the perfect platform for me to spark change by being able to reach so many people at the same time. I never knew as a kid I’d end up rapping, but I knew I needed to be heard. I knew the world needed to know who I was.  
SOTB: What is your favorite type of hip-hop to create, as hip-hop is usually a reflection of the soul, the struggle, etc.?

Taka: I dive into a little of everything, so I’d say creative hip-hop is what I try to make. If there’s one goal I have for every track, it’s to make everyone who listens not only envision but feel exactly how I did when I was writing it. Hip-hop to me is so much more than music. It’s an art to the people who value it’s creativity.
SOTB: Name your top three artists, dead or alive.

Taka: Off the bat? Slim Shady, Kendrick Lamar, and Tupac Shakur.
SOTB: If you could work with any producer, who would it be and why?

Taka: Dr. Dre. Reason being the three artists I just named.
SOTB: Major, indie, or solo?

Taka: Independent with the hopes of building my own in the future.
SOTB: Tell me about your upcoming projects.

Taka: I’m not concentrated on just one project, I’m just focused on making music. A lot of different things have come up recently in my life so I wouldn’t be able to wrap my head on one concept or feel. I am launching my own website within the next couple months though but for now I’ll be dropping new material real soon on my Youtube & Soundcloud so stay updated with my pages.
SOTB: Now, in our phone interview, you mentioned some things about your father, and you brought up the whole cancer issue earlier. Would you mind expanding on those thoughts? As a guy whose father has passed, I know the pain and anguish that can come with that, regardless of the closeness of your relationships.

Taka: First of all, RIP to my pops. He was more than an idol to me. He grew up in the Southside of Chi City during real tough times and built a legacy and a family for himself. He taught me not only how to be a man but how to be the man. One of the main reasons why disabled people around the world are able to live as comfortably is cause of his efforts. He fought for his freedoms and rights, and was one of the main contributors to the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which gave persons with disabilities equal freedoms in America. He was always hustling.
Honestly, I’m at peace finally knowing he’s in peace. It’s definitely still tough but he would’ve wanted me to keep pushin’. I got a lot of homies with single parents, so I’m blessed for the 21 years I had with him.
SOTB: With that said, how has your father’s passing affected your art?

Taka: At first, it was hard for me to even write. I took a quick break just to gather all my thoughts and figure out what’s next. Now that I feel more at peace, I can fully focus. My last single “Insane” was more of a dark track, ’cause for a long period of time, I felt time was running out. I was going insane. 
Now that I’m at peace, I feel like I can finally make music that represents all of me. Even though I was hustling so I could give him everything he deserved, now I’m even hungrier. This is really just the beginning for me. I’m just cised to show my pops everything I’m capable of.
SOTB: Any shoutouts you want to give?

Taka: Shoutout to Billy O & Slizz with Insane. Modern Music Group. DMV Life & Calmplexx for their support. Andrew Hypes, Gabe, Gringo, Nick City, Simon Kim. To all my 100’s out there I got a variety of things coming your way so stay close. This is the beginning of the takeover.
SOTB: Where can we reach you?

Taka: I’ll be releasing my official website within the next couple months. For now you can follow me on Twitter @TheOfficialTaka and on Youtube: Theofficialtaka. I’m also on facebook at my music is available for download on Soundcloud at
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