An Interview with True God, Eyes On The Ring Edition

The main reason why True and I do these interviews is because we ask questions that most people wouldn’t. So, with that said, here’s another TG interview with yours truly. (Purchase Eyes on the Ring via Bandcamp if you support and rock with it. It’s now available by the way. So nice, I had to say it twice.)

SOTB: What was the motivation to turn Eyes on the Ring into a full-fledged album?

TG: At some point, it just felt right. Initially when the process began, it was just a fun idea for a few tracks. However, as we got into it, it was apparent that there was so much to cover and so much to do with it, that a simple 8 tracks wouldn’t suffice. We’re covering new ground here with fusing wrestling together with hip hop, and I just knew I couldn’t release something that wasn’t at least 11-12 tracks. On top of that, we’ve announced that there will be a EOTR Vol. 2, so it’s imperative that we complete the first chapter right. I think we’ve done a great job.

SOTB: What was the hardest song to work on for the album?

TG: On this particular album, everything flowed so quickly. This album took less than a month to write and record. It’s been an all around fun experience working on it, and it’s crazy because this has been the easiest album to write. Lyrically, I’ve just been spazzing on it–almost in battle mode. There’s a few concepts on the album, but for the most part its just straight spitting over these wrestling themes, which ignited something in me. My skills were honed in the battle rap circuit, going all around Baltimore and being in ciphers. This gave me that feeling of “yo, just kill everything” and you can hear that through the tracks.

SOTB: How’s the feedback been so far for “Indie Circuit” and other leaks?

TG: When “Indie Circuit” was released, the feedback was absolutely amazing. I’ve had so many folks who were name dropped in the song show support for it, because most of the guys that I shout out are wrestlers that I know anyway. The feedback to that was just amazing. I think with every other release, the feedback has been all positive, especially with The Wyatts track. The Brood track got a lot of love, and people are feeling the Randy Orton track too. I think what we have created in essence, is a classic album that’s outside the box. There isn’t a weak track on it and I can’t wait to see the feedback on the full album.

SOTB: Since this isn’t officially part of the “Story of True,” what’s the next album on deck?

TG: Well, next up is my official 5th album, Pursuing Happiness. This album is different for me. You look at my previous albums and the stories they told, they were all surrounded by a relationship whether positive or negative. After Three7One, I feel like that chapter is finally closed on a music tip for sure, and now I can begin my pursuit of peace and Happiness. I want to create something cinematic, epic, and inspiring at this point. Something that will stand as the greatest piece of work that I’ve created and set us apart from the game today. It’s going to be an experience.

SOTB: Personally, how have things been? I know I ask all the time, but are things getting better on the familial side of things?

TG: Everything is going alright, I guess. I’ll address a few things here that are going on around me. First off, Zuri is great. She’s been growing and its amazing to witness. That’s my soul, of course. I think the biggest thing that’s bothered me through this process is obviously having her live so far away from me, but we Skype at least 3-4 times a week and I try to go see her as much as I can, which gets expensive. That’s a frustrating moment for me, but hey, the situation is what it is, and we both know that this wasn’t my doing. 

I’ve been on good terms, or cordial terms with Zuri’s mother and as long as we keep that cordial atmosphere with each other, that’s all that matters. It’s healthy for our child to see us interact with each other in person and be cordial, I believe. I’ve been slightly annoyed by the folks around me who keep insisting that in the future, we’ll get back together, because that will never happen. I don’t care if it’s next year, the year after next, 5-10 years from now, it just won’t happen. I’m still on my path to find the queen and going backwards has no purpose for me. I don’t think either one of us are truly over the other, despite the image she gives off, but it’s best to just keep moving forward. 

On the DAR family side, we lost a member. A member who was like a brother to me. I was really disappointed by the whole situation. I have a tendency to attack when I feel betrayed or disrespected, and what he did was disrespect. I wouldn’t hurt the dude because he’s still family, but he’s just not a part of the crew anymore. This type of incident happened years ago and as soon as I saw him show signs of what he did before, I had to distance myself for a minute. He was in the wrong, and somehow, with his immature mind doesn’t even see it. He wants to pull bullshit and then point the finger at everybody else like its their fault. No, it’s not. He’s a grown man, he needs to account for his actions and his fuck-ups. That’s just not going to happen. At this point, with most of these situations around me, it is what it is, man.

SOTB: Has anything else come of moving out of Baltimore? One of the last times we conducted an actual interview, you made mention that things had slowed on that front.

TG: I was really close to moving out of Baltimore. Then, I was told something to give me the impression that I shouldn’t. The wrestling side of things has gone sour for the most part. I still do the show because we have a nice audience, and its always a great avenue, but I’m getting tired of being the one who really gives a damn, which has been something that’s going on for a while. And it’s annoying because the other “team members” feel a way when I say it, but tell me how it’s not true? You know what I mean? I’m the only one who was writing articles consistently, always there to host the shows, promote the brand, and its just all around apparent that this shit doesn’t benefit me as much anymore. I’ll always stay loyal to a brand that I helped create, but that doesn’t mean I can’t work with other brands. I think THAT’s what really stopped me from moving out of Baltimore, everything going sour there. I had a plan in motion and as that plan was about to be executed, shit just changed. I want to move to be closer to Zuri, but with what I was told, maybe I won’t have to. I won’t elaborate, I’ll just leave it at that. 

SOTB: Since the radio show arena is still going strong, any plans to grow the brand beyond what’s already in place?

TG: Yeah, there’s always bigger plans to grow this brand. We’ve got projects coming, like Axel’s mixtape, your album, the DAR mixtape, a DAR documentary, I want to have representation of TEAMDAR out there at all times. So, just stay tuned. 

SOTB: You’d mentioned you’ve reached out to Shokus Apollo (apologies for the older video in advance, Shok) a little while back. Given everyone’s history with one another, practically growing up together in some ways, should people start expecting a full-fledged DAR Reunion of sorts?

TG: I mean, that’s always possible. I reached out to the brother because he’s family. It’s just something where we spoke about the differences and the bullshit in the past and I’m beyond it. I want to make sure I look out for the brothers that came up with me, regardless of the past. I think we could possibly see a reunion of sorts. It will be different though, from before. This is a situation where if we do this reunion-type of shit, we’ve got to be focused all around and everyone has to be ready to go hard and work. I’m not letting shit fall to the wayside at this point. We’ve got the momentum and I believe that we can win big if everybody’s focused, promoting the brand and everything. 

SOTB: So, if that’s the case, is there going to be another DAR mixtape? I know you’ve sent me some tracks you’ve been thinking about putting together, but the people don’t know that. Care to elaborate a bit on that?

TG: Yeah, there will be another DAR mixtape. Genesis of A Revolution is the title. I remember when we put the last one out [2012’s The End is Coming], so much was different at that time. Life and the team was at a whole new place. Now we’re stronger. Better. Life has improved. Its time to have fun with it.

SOTB: So after EOTR, this DAR tape and Pursuing Happiness, what’s next? I mean, you’ve said time and time again that you’re about to leave the life behind, but we both keep putting stuff out.

TG: I feel like when I’m content financially and I’ve completed this story that I’ll be fine with leaving it all behind. I’m almost there I think. There’s the For Eternity album coming in 2015. There might be one more album then that’s done. 7 albums. At this point, I’m an indie music legend because I’ve got four consecutive dope albums and two classics under my belt. Consistency is so rare these days but I’ve managed to do that and keep putting out dopeness. I’m not making the same shit over and over. I’m just doing my thing putting together a great album each time with fresher perspective. So, as of now I’ll say 2016…I’m done. I’ll be content with seven straight dope albums, a great discography, and working these other ventures. They’ll appreciate the music more once I take a hiatus anyways but for now? I’m in work mode. So we cranking out project after project like the greatest movements have done.

SOTB: Backtracking a bit, is it easy working with a team of like-minded, but still different, individuals?

TG: It’s mostly easy. There’s a great chemistry among the team and I appreciate them. These are people who I consider like family. My brothers. My sisters. So, its really dope. We’ve built a relationship through social media, a lot of us and that shows you the power right there. TEAMDAR 4 Life.

SOTB: Before closing out this interview, how has been Three7One been received? “Gambling Problem” seemed to ruffle a few feathers, what about the rest of the album? 

TG: You know, if people are being honest with themselves, nothing on Three7One should ruffle their feathers. I called a few names on “Gambling Problem” but it was just out of honesty. Some songs like “Moral of The Story”, and ” Plan Ahead” made some women mad, but I really don’t care. Plenty of people hear the music and think its about them. Great. Be that invested in it to think that. EOTR has some tracks with names called. I don’t say anything with malice, I’m just speaking truth. If you never heard your name mentioned in a song, its not about you. About six different people hit me about those two aforementioned songs like it applied to them. This is why I’ve admitted kept my music career away from those I date, or rather fuck. They want to be more important I guess so they make it apply. I don’t know. As for niggas who felt a way about any lines? I really don’t give a fuck. Simple. 

SOTB: Any final thoughts, opinions, Tupac-esque “fuck yous” for anyone?

TG: Cop EOTR, that Speed album [Death of The King], download that Axel mixtape, and buy Pursuing Happiness in November. TEAMDAR mixtape coming soon. Listen to the radio shows and read the blogs as well. We win.
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