An Open Letter to Wrestling

Dear Wrestling, there are some things going on that’ve pushed me away. Yes, again.

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SOTBNerdy: Some Thoughts About CM Punk

About four years ago, I wrote a pieceĀ asking the question of who needed the other more: WWE or CM Punk? In the four years since that piece, it’d appear that Punk didn’t need the WWE–and some folks within the WWE make it seem like they wouldn’t welcome Punk back.. It probably doesn’t help that the […]

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Should Daniel Bryan Wrestle Again?

If you’ve followed my site and my work with sites such as, you’ll know that I’m a huge Daniel Bryan fan. Even though I watch WWE less and less these days, I still find myself cracking up at his segments. Even if the Shane/DB segments take up most episodes’ opening minutes, he’s a crucial […]

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