Speed on the Beat Interviews: Jay IDK

Speed on the Beat here (obviously), back with another interview. In the midst of #DeathoftheKing Week and #TeamDARWeek, I was able to speak with an artist who I’ve featured on this blog and others quite a bit, Jay IDK. But, you didn’t come here to hear me ramble (unless you did, which in that case? Sorry to disappoint). Read on for the result of what happens when Team DAR and The HXLY TRiBE collide (see, this is why I’m a rapper. Rhyming even when I don’t intend to). The next interview (coming soon) will be longer. This is just the precursor. Be sure to check out Jay’s Sex Drugs and Homework. Finally, shout out to Randy for setting this one up, as he works pretty dang intricately with Jay.

SOTB: So, for those who don’t know, what does the “IDK” in Jay IDK mean? And where did that come from?

Jay IDK: IDK stands for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge the only way our generation will listen.

SOTB: Tell me more about the HXLY movement and what differentiates it from other collectives?

Jay: HXLY is an acronym which stands for “Hated By Others, Loved By You.” It’s not just a collective, it’s a whole movement, a way of thinking even. It’s about not being afraid to do what you love, even if other’s might hate you for it. It’s about staying true to who you are.

SOTB: I can definitely respect that, since we’re on the same wavelength in that regard. Me with the DAR team, and you with HXLY. What started you in hip-hop?

Jay: I was locked up for a bit, actually. I used to write rhymes and the other inmates used to bug me to rap for them. Finally, I started rapping what I had written down and people loved it. I told myself when I got out, I’d do two things: go to school and make a mixtape.

SOTB: Who are some of your musical influences, past and present?

Jay: I really listen to a lot of older stuff. Everybody from Eminem to A Tribe Called Quest to Jay-Z to Big L. Just dope MCs.

SOTB: And personally, outside of music?

Jay: I guess it’s still technically music, but I have a lot of respect for anybody that’s taken their talent and turned it into a business, a brand.

SOTB: Now that the establishing questions are out the way, how’ve things been since getting all these co-signs?

I’m still building. I’ve got a lot of respect from my peers, but I’m always trying to grow.

SOTB: That video for “More,” right? How’d that come about?

Jay: The video just came from smokin’ a J, with a pen and paper in my hand. I wanted to fit the vibe of the song, something you could chill to.

SOTB: Some of the best moments in music come from just sitting back and taking it all in, in whatever way you feel’s appropriate at the time (laughs). Piggybacking on that last question, who played the old white couple? Was that, like, a legit moment with someone’s parents…or nah? (Laughs) Because, I mean, even if it wasn’t real, it looked pretty damn convincing.

Jay: (Laughs) Nah, they were just actors. But they did a great job, obviously!

SOTB: How has the reception been, on your end, for SDH?

Jay: The reception has been great. All the fans have really been behind it. I’m starting to see HXLY and TRiBE in people’s twitter bios. Fans making Instagram videos with my music, quoting my lyrics, things like that. People are starting to notice and I appreciate them for that.

SOTB: Are you working on anything else, now that that first major project is out the way? Or are you just soaking it all in at the moment?

Jay: My new single, “Two Hoes,” has been poppin’ now. The video for that is dropping soon. After that, I’ve got some stuff in the works, been working with some major players in the DMV area. I’m only getting started.

SOTB: Any last questions, concerns, shoutouts, “eff the haters” comments?

Jay: Just gotta give a shout out to the HXLY TRiBE. Thank you, Speed, for the support. And of course, big thanks to all my fans. Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram. I try to respond to everybody, so don’t be afraid to hit me up. 

(YouTube Stream of SDH, per Jay’s YouTube page)

(“More” video; not just posting cheeks for no reason–at least, not today)
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