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New SOTBMusic: IDK is Trigger Happy

IDK’s been one of my favorite artists for…a while, back to his proto-IDK days when he still had a Jay in the front of his name. While “Shotty Mouth” and┬áSex, Drugs, and Homework (sorry for bringing them up, bruh) pale in comparison to his latest work, it’s amazing to see the growth from then until […]

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Speed on the Beat Interviews: Jay IDK

Speed on the Beat here (obviously), back with another interview. In the midst of #DeathoftheKing Week and #TeamDARWeek, I was able to speak with an artist who I’ve featured on this blog and others quite a bit, Jay IDK. But, you didn’t come here to hear me ramble (unless you did, which in that case? […]

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Jay-IDK – "Shotty Mouth"

I’m probably about to be crucified by “real rap” fans (and the #HXLYTribe Movement), but as impressive as this video is, all it does is distract you. From what, you may ask? Well, lyrically, the song “Shotty Mouth” is a run-of-the-mill “non-mainstream” braggadocio track. There are moments of lyrical niceness (ex. “more shots than a […]

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