Speed Reviews: Pursuing Happiness

Yep, it’s time for another “DAR Reviews DAR” review. This time, we’re taking a look at True God’s most-recent release Pursuing Happiness, which dropped last week.

The album, featuring production from Old Beats Record, 300 Music, an unknown producer, and myself, is, simply put, as close to “happy” and “clear” as we’ve heard True in a while. Let’s talk about the first track, “The Pursuit.” It sets up the overall feeling of the album (optimism with reflective realism) while featuring one of my favorite productions that I’ve had a hand in. Lines such as “won’t find this in them models, weed, them ounces or them bottles/it’s found in something genuine, a harder pill to swallow” still showcase True as that conscious-minded artist, but now with a maturity missing on earlier releases such as DOA
Another highlight on the album is “Co-Parenting,” featuring True’s daughter Zuri Summer. It’s a darker track compared to the rest of the album, since it shows that it’s not all sunny in True’s life. However, unlike certain tracks on Three7One, or Soul Revival II, it’s less about the hurt felt between True and his daughter’s mom. It’s more about trying to pick up the pieces and actually co-parent (something that’s often glossed over in music). 
“Rejuvenated” is another track worth a listen/buy, since it sounds less like Nas and more like Bun B or Big K.R.I.T. (fitting considering the Cadillactica review I just finished). Featuring production from 300 Music, True delivers a reflective track over a trunk-rattling instrumental. In some ways, it’s True’s “Saturdays = Celebration,” without the Jamie N Commons feature. If you’re just getting familiar with True’s music, I’d recommend this track as a perfect introduction to True. It’s got the soulful production he’s known for flowing on, and a hunger that’s missing from some up-and-coming artists these days.
Overall, it’s an album worth copping, especially since it’s the end of a story that’s been years in the making. Honestly, it’s my personal favorite True God album. It’s cohesive, it’s solid, it’s beautiful, it’s True’s best.
“We just trying to make a classic,” True rhymes on the outro, “Tomorrow is Infinite.” With a collection like this, and an homage-heavy track such as “Tomorrow is Infinite,” it looks like the Team DAR leader is not only pursing happiness, but staking his claim for the throne as well.
Speed on the Beat

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