What Could’ve Been: Kwame Brown

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The 2001 NBA Draft was, to some, a complete clusterfuck. Sure, we got Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Gilbert Arenas, and countless others out of it. But, one name almost negates any gains by those legends and All-Stars.

Kwame Brown.

In a bit of an ironic twist, Kwame Brown, the 2001 Draft’s version of Sam Bowie, was drafted by Michael Jordan. You’d think that he’d be able to see when talent was legit, when they were bullshit, and when they were long-term works-in-progress. But, what could’ve been?

I, like others, feel that Brown just wasn’t ready for the NBA. He had talent. But, he was an immature young man who didn’t have any time really to refine them (read: he should’ve gone to Florida for one year like originally planned). He was kind of like Andray Blatche, minus the awesome theatrics. Plus, y’know, Blatche has done some pretty legit things in basketball–such as help the Philipines win their first FIBA World Cup in 40 years in 2014.

But, at least Blatche, and other “immature” players, matured as time went on. Brown, however, seemed to regress. Yes, even the most “washed” player in the NBA is better than your AVERAGE (key word being “average”) street baller. But, Kwame Brown just…I’m sorry. He sucked. There I said it. He shouldn’t have been a number one, especially with the rest of the field that was presented in the 2001 Draft. Plus, the Wizards staff in 2001 was nothing you

Had he went to college and had time to refine his game–and demeanor–I feel things would’ve been different. I mean, c’mon! Florida, at the time, had Billy Donovan. Billy friggin’ Donovan. In terms of bringing out potential, I’ve not seen many coaches/coaching staffs do it the way he has. Plus, in what would’ve been Brown’s freshman year of 2001-2002, the Gators had Udonis Haslem, Matt Bonner, and David Lee. Those are three guys any plucky guy could’ve learned from.

So, in short, Kwame Brown could have been something great…if people would’ve let him be great (by not expecting him to be great). Essentially, he should’ve gone to college/MJ should’ve drafted someone else at number one. Had one of those two things happened, Kwame could’ve been great. But, as it stands, since we can’t go back in time and rewrite history, we’ll remember Kwame Brown as a flop.

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