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SOTBSports: The MLB (Still) Needs to Figure It Out

Yesterday, the sleeping giant (somewhat) stopped being ten-ply about doling out massive contracts and Manny Machado became a San Diego Padre for the foreseeable future. At least it’s not navy blue pinstripes, amirite? The deal clocks in at $30,000,000 a year. That averages out to about $165,000 a game (including the playoffs). In San Diego, […]

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Wade Miley to the O’s: SOTB’s Reaction

This bearded gentleman is named Wade Miley. He is a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. He is also, as of yesterday, the newest member of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff. Through a trade with the Mariners, the Orioles received the rights to Miley, a career 56-54 pitcher and all the Orioles had to give […]

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