The Ballad of Justin Tucker (or "Maybe We Don’t Need to Worry…As Much")

Last night’s Ravens/Steelers game was epic. And I know that “epic” is one of those overused words, especially among the “millennial” generation, but “epic” describes the back and forth play between these two teams. And, just as it’s happened on many occasions before, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker tied–and later, in overtime–won the game with his mostly automatic boot. So, should Ravens Nation be worried now that we’ve gotten the first win in the books? Eh…maybe.

1. The Ravens offense is running out of bodies —  Steve Smith, Sr. had a back contusion brought on by him, well, being Steve Smith, Sr. and people not respecting the man. I’m sorry, but anyone who’s 5’7″ and still will willingly knock someone out taller than him? Eff a Napolean Complex. Steve Smith, Sr. is a G, straight and true. But, ego fapping aside, the Ravens’ injury list is…growing. And since Breshad Perriman doesn’t seem to be playing at any point this season, there’s cause for concern. The Ravens need wide receivers–not guys who have three catches on the season. Part of that lies on the O-line not giving Flacco enough time. Part of that lies on BS calls against the offense. But the receiving corps has got to step up. Steve Smith, Sr. is (possibly maybe most likely) retiring this year and losing pisses him off (and a speared in the back gets you on his “lifetime hit list”).

2. Flacco needs time — I still believe that Joe Flacco is an elite QB. But, he needs time to throw the dang ball. Even Peyton Manning sucks if he can’t get room or time to read his options. So, the O-Line, as mentioned, needs to step it up. I believe they will, especially with their pseudo-bye week coming up (since they played on TNF, they don’t play again until the 11th, when they square off against Johnny Manziel [maybe] and the Browns). Give him time, he may not throw as many picks. Simple math, right? But, what do I know? I’m just a Monday Morning QB who knows enough about the game to opine on it and actually know what the hell I’m talking about.
See? If Flacco doesn’t get time in the backfield, he’s sad.
3. The entire team needs to take a breather and recollect — That kind of seems like a “duh” suggestion, but think about it. They’ve suffered three losses and won last night on some clutch kicking (and some failed kicking courtesy of the Steelers). The next nine days need to be used to reevaluate everything about the team. No, don’t trade someone. Screw all that noise. But, watch some game film. Look at ways to improve. Just mentally refocus. That’s important in the NFL–and in life outside of football.

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