It’s Time to Panic: Three Thoughts about the Terps, Pre-Ohio State

The Maryland Terrapins, after being shutout 28-0 at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines, are 2-3 this season. And from here, it doesn’t get easier. In fact, this week’s game versus the Ohio State Buckeyes (ranked #1 in the country at the moment, by the way) is probably the worst thing that can happen to the Terps this season, considering their inability to stay in games they should at least be able to score a touchdown or two with. I’m legitimately perplexed for thoughts as to how Maryland can stay in this game, aside from traveling back in time and hiring former Terps assistant head coach/offensive coordinator (and current Penn State coach) James Franklin over Randy Edsall, but…here goes.

1. The quarterback conundrum — I’m not expecting Caleb Rowe and company to play like Johnny Unitas or anything, but twelve interceptions in two games from your number one option? Eh…there’s got to be something Maryland can do to better their signal callers. Daxx Garman didn’t exactly set the world on fire, either. And while Perry Hills has played pretty well considering everything, he’s been held out of the past three games because reasons. It may be time to give Hills more playing time. Either that or just completely bomb and begin prep for Dwayne Haskins, Jr. for next year.

2. Run the ball — It’s not that simple…but it kind of is. Maryland’s run game is actually relatively good. Let’s see what Wes Brown, Brandon Ross, and company can do. More runs will probably give the quarterbacks more time to figure out the defense and figure out who can go where.

3. The defense is actually better than advertised, but… — While the Terps’ defense surprised me by being able to hang in the game as long as they did, they’ll deteriorate quickly if left on the field too long. So, this goes back to the offense. Keep drives alive to give your defense time to recoup. From there, make sure your offense fires on all cylinders (ugh, cliches abound). It’s, again, pretty damn simple. But…we’ll see.

Maryland and Ohio State square off Saturday at noon on the Big Ten Network.

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