Is the WWE is "Burying" Daniel Bryan…again?

Image Credit: WWE/IGN

Ok, let it be known that I hate the (over)use of “smark” terms when talking about wrestling. It makes everyone look like they know what they’re talking about, even when they don’t know the difference between a real “burial” and one within the realms of the storyline (in other words, a “kayfabe burial”). However, judging from what’s been coming out, from Bryan himself, it seems as if the WWE is (perhaps unintentionally) burying Daniel Bryan, dooming him to just be “that bearded guy who pops up, endorses a product, and says ‘YES!’ a couple times.”

Now, that’s not necessarily a burial. He’s still out and about, being a face for the company. He’s still associated with WWE in a good light. People are still using the “YES!” chants, as they’ve become something akin to the now-infamous “WHAT?!” And, truth be told, the WWE, even though it may not seem like it, is somewhat looking out for the best interests of Bryan. I mean, what’s worse: having him not wrestle and be a video game spokesperson or having him go back in when he’s not ready (just because reasons and/or he wants to) and end up in far worse shape than he’s in now?

But…it’s still, in some ways, an unintentional burial.

Daniel Bryan appears sporadically on WWE television. He still has legions of fans and is a great ambassador. However, because of his sporadic appearances on RAW and Smackdown, one can argue that people who could become fans/fairweather fans/fans who don’t sit around frothing at the mouth over every Daniel Bryan appearance like a bunch of whiny fangirls, they’re quickly forgetting the guy. That’s never good. That’s the stuff that’s meant for the Zack Ryders and JTGs of the world, not a guy who’s held pretty much every championship in WWE.

So, how can WWE make sure that Daniel Bryan, a pretty valuable talent who many people can still relate to, isn’t forgotten (or doesn’t go to CMLL to main event a mask-versus-hair match–even though it’d be badass)? Show him more on WWE television. That’s the long and short of it. He doesn’t need to be trotted out every couple weeks. But, at least acknowledge the guy exists outside of plugging WWE 2K16. Remember how Randy Orton, during his first serious injury, would do the RNN Segments?

Why can’t we do something like that (once Bryan is hopefully cleared) with Daniel Bryan? It wouldn’t have to be the same exact thing, but there’s got to be something to keep him in the minds of the “Universe.”

But, what do I know? Here’s hoping he’s cleared soon and begin wrestling again–even if it’s not with WWE.

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