You Don’t Bring Kids Into It: Diss Etiquette

Rant time.

Ok, now we know that, within the world of disses and battles and the like, just about nothing is off-limits. You can clown someone’s fashion choices to their ex-lovers to their not-so-vanilla sexual practices. Pretty much, if a person’s come out about something, it’s fair game and ammunition in a battle or a diss.

Now, some diss categories are played out, but still almost expected in rap. Do I have a disdain for disses that just go straight for the “oh, they gay” vein? Hell, yeah. It shows no originality. But, within hip-hop, for instance, there’s still a hyper-masculine air to the point where questions of an artist’s sexual identity or preference are the go-to diss. I still don’t get it, though. If Artist A is gay, what the hell does that have to do with your money, your fans, your wins? If they’re gay, let them be gay. What does that really have to do with you? Are you so far in the closet yourself that you’re grasping at straws to validate what you think is heteronormative behavior?


It’s the same thing with dissing someone’s lover that you were also with (hi Ray J, 50, Rozay, etc.). If they’re a “ho,” what does that make you for being with them? Disses always seem to be on, to a degree, some “pot calling the kettle black” BS. Again, I don’t get some of the rules to disses; I never have, and I probably never will fully understand them.

However, there’s one rule that artists seem to forget above just about everything else.

You don’t bring kids into it.

That’s, like, a code of honor in life. You keep kids out of peoples’ mouths and out of the line of fire. They’re innocent in your BS and by dragging them into it, you’re risking a lot more than just some diss records. Why do you think you don’t really see gangsters and drug kingpins out here directly screwing with kids? Why do you think the armed forces of the world usually try to avoid conflict involving kids? See, kids are usually, like, a person’s greatest gift to the world. Like, screw the music, the fame, the fashion, etc. The life/lives an artist creates have got to be the greatest gift of all. If you’re a rapper and your kids are even second on your list of achievements, you’re doing life wrong and you’ve got your priorities screwed up.

They’re the greatest gift because they’re you, but less messed up by life. In other words, they’re pure and untainted by the muck that comes with celebrity (even if they’re born into celebrity). For you, as an artist–better yet, as a human being–to fix your mouth and/or fingers to spout negativity regarding a child, that’s lower than low. For me, when you bring kids into it, you lose just about every point you amassed up to that point. I don’t care if you’re Kanye West, Billboard Magazine or just the random artist up the street.

Some things are off-limits and grounds for someone to potentially go and give you a swift kick in the face. So, long story short: try to avoid gay slurs (so passe), slut-shaming (again, passe), and never bring kids into a feud. EVER!

Rant over.

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