Should Steph Curry Start?

Look, I’m no expert when it comes to these things. I don’t pretend to be. I do, obviously, have knowledge about sports. But, yeah…I’m definitely not a genius about it. However, we all know that Steph Curry is a competitor. He’s all smiles most the time and his family life is awesome. However, when he hits the court, he’s a killer (not just with the threes). Not a great player, but a stone-hearted assassin who murders teams like (almost) no other.

Photo Credit: USA Today

With that in mind, the big thing that’s coming out of the Warriors camp now is that Curry’s rehab is going pretty well. On top of that, while doubtful at the moment, he’s also had a platelet-rich plasma treatment in his injured right knee. As many sports fans know, that’s the same treatment that’s helped folks like Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning return to, for the most part, full strength in no time. This means that, again, while doubtful, Steph Curry could return for the Warriors’ Game Three match-up against the Portland Trailblazers.

So, if he’s healthy enough to halfway return, should he and should he start for the Warriors?

Photo Credit: AP

Again, I’m no genius when it comes to sportsball. What I do know, I usually spill onto this site and others. However, if he’s not 100%, I’d err on the side of caution when it comes to rushing him back. For starters, the Warriors are doing well without him (they’re up 2-0 against the Blazers and have had, while not blowouts, two relatively decisive wins while doing so). So, if they’re winning and adjusting without him, why rush him back?

Do you really want to do that when either a resurgent OKC team or San Antonio, should Golden State advance, looms on the horizon? Plus, you know, if they do win the Western Conference Finals, I’m all but certain that Cleveland’s going to square up against them. To me, it wouldn’t be a good look to rush Steph back and risk injury. Let the man rest, get himself up to 100%, and then let him loose on his opponents.

Besides, I don’t think Steph Curry would want to play if he’s not 100%. He’s a competitor, but he’s also smart and calculating. He could probably have a Flu Game or two himself, but, again, he’s no Michael Jordan (for better and worse). So, with that in mind, when it comes to the question “if he’s healthy, should Steph start,” I’ve got to say, for me, it’s a resounding “hell no, let him rehab a bit more and come back at full strength.”

Sorry, Warriors fans. I feel we should wait another game or two before The Splash Brothers are reunited.

Soon. Not right now…but soon.

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