Should We Be Mad at Kevin Durant?

I know, we’re in some trying times. People are getting gunned down by cops hellbent on just screwing with people, snipers hellbent on causing destruction, random jealous folks from the same city, whomever. Britain almost tanked the entire European market with its proposed exit from the European Union. Hell, I personally have had to deal with, pretty much, a flesh-eating allergic reaction (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is real). However, I’m going to go a different route for this post.

Let’s talk sports. Specifically, let’s talk the NBA.

The biggest news out of the NBA this week is the fact that Kevin Durant signed with the 73-win Golden State Warriors. He chose Steph’s team over the Thunder, the Heat, the Wizards (ha), the Clippers (again, ha), and pretty much every team in the league. People are upset about his decision, especially since he, at one point, was against super teams. But, should we really be mad at this basketballer?

I say “no.” Actually, to be honest, as much as I wanted him to sign with the Wizards, I’ve gotta say “hell, no” to the question posed. Most of the teams who courted Durant were either years away from truly competing at the level of the Cavs, Warriors, and other elite teams. The Warriors have an amazing chemistry among each other; though the team is chockfull of superstars (or superstars to be) that’d almost immediately be the number one guy elsewhere, no one really has an ego. Steph Curry passes the ball just as much as he shoots crazy-ass threes. As much as I want him to get back to less flashy “I’m just doing this because I can because I’m Steph friggin’ Curry” shots, the team works because everyone has that dynamic chemistry.

Additionally, let’s be real with ourselves here. I’ll put it in small ball terms, since none of us are probably gonna see multi-million dollar contracts. Let’s say you’re working a job. You’re kicking ass and taking names at your job. Everyone thinks you’re great at your job. You even have a guy who, like Russell Westbrook, is just as great as you (sometimes even better). But, there’s one thing you can’t get. That’s a promotion.

But look!

A new job comes in that’s offering you $55,000 versus the $42,000 you’re making now. You’d get a promotion. You’d get to manage projects you’ve always had your eye on. Hell, you’d be doing something more in line with what you really want to do with your life. Would you tell this job “oh, no thanks. I’m cool with being number three in the region versus potentially truly being a top dog?” Hell, no! Why should we be mad at Durant for doing the exact same thing many of us would do. He saw an opportunity to grow and better himself (and, inversely, better his new environment) and he took it.

So, what does this mean for the Thunder? Over the past year-plus, the team’s become more of Russell Westbrook’s team, anyway.

Photo Credit: Fox Sports/Getty Images

However, the uncertainty surrounding what the hell Westbrook’s going to do when he becomes a free agent probably played a role in Durant’s decision. With that in mind, the Thunder are going to need to overhaul the everloving crap out of their roster in the next year-plus if they want to avoid falling completely off title contender radars. Otherwise, they’ll be like teams such as Washington was this year. They’ll be good enough to not completely suck, but they won’t live up to expectations.

Speaking of the Wizards, I actually like some of their minor moves. They’re fixing things that needed fixing. Now, if they can swing a Marcin Gortat trade (if they finally let Nene go, anything’s possible) and free up some more space for the coming year(s), they’ve got a chance to do something special. All in all, for Washington–and, quite frankly, for Kevin Durant and the rest of the league as well–it’ll be a wait-and-see sort of thing.

This year’s going to be fun to watch. Also, potentially painful for some teams.

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