Wade Miley to the O’s: SOTB’s Reaction

This bearded gentleman is named Wade Miley. He is a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball. He is also, as of yesterday, the newest member of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff. Through a trade with the Mariners, the Orioles received the rights to Miley, a career 56-54 pitcher and all the Orioles had to give up was a slightly vaunted farmhand who still wasn’t exactly ready to compete at the MLB level in Ariel Miranda.

Miranda, 27, was okay in the minors (well, okay by Orioles minor league pitching standards), but guess how he performed during his sole time in the big leagues. No, seriously, take a guess. The four-pitch lefty gave up three runs, four hits, and scored four strikeouts over two innings against, ironically enough, the Seattle Mariners.

Miley, 29, on the other hand, is the definition of “workhorse,” appearing in at least 32 games over the past four seasons. It’s a cliched term, but it’s one the Orioles desperately need. So, what does Miley being a workhorse mean for the Orioles? Well, it means that, hopefully, Mychal Givens won’t have to win every game himself. All jokes aside, it gives the Orioles some relief for their relief pitching. Too many times this season, the Orioles have had to rely on their relievers to pitch out of three, four–hell, six–inning jams at a time until someone cracks a three-run homer out the park to give the O’s the lead again. And as much as I love to see Zach Britton come in after Worley, Givens, or another reliever has shut down the opposition, I want to see the Baltimore starting staff go longer into games.

Plus, we don’t need Britton going the way of Jim Johnson; overworked closers, no matter how great they are, end up losing it–and fast

Miley gives them that.

Now, before we start printing off World Series tickets, let’s make one thing clear. Wade Miley’s not perfect. In fact, he’s far from it. For instance, in Camden Yards, he’s been shellacked. Granted, it’s only been a few games, but 1-2 with an ERA over eight in your new home…it leaves a bit to be desired. Additionally, he is a pitcher who’s garnered about a .500 record (albeit on some somewhat offensively-drained teams) for his career. However, given what he can do and what he represents, he’s perfect for the Orioles. Additionally, Miley’s under team control through this season and the next. Therefore, it’s a better deal, financially, then trading a bunch of prospects for, say, Jeremy Hellickson or Andrew Cashner. Seriously, if I read that Hellickson is coming to Baltimore, I’m just going to pull what remaining strands of hair I have on my head out and shake my fist angrily like many other O’s fans.

Am I happy the Orioles are buying and selling like the friggin’ Property Brothers? Oh, of course. Am I happy that they’re making smart moves versus just going after names? Definitely. Will Wade Miley win game five of the 2016 World Series and clinch an Orioles championship? Screw it, anything’s possible with a good ol’ helping of that Oriole Magic.

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