Speed on the Beat Interviews @ClassyCaraM of ClassyCara.net

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured we’d just jump right back into it. Today’s interviewee is a DMV native who’s been slowly, but surely making her mark in the cam world. The avid Pokemon Go player and self-professed DIY lover recently agreed to sit down with me to discuss her views on “Camming While Black/Brown,” G/G scenes, sex toys and more. So, if you’ve got this one up at work or around the kiddies…take it to the mobile devices. SpeedontheBeat.com accepts no responsibility for if you fuck around and get fired and/or accused of sexting or something crazy. All images are courtesy of Cara’s Twitter feed and her site, ClassyCara.net

Speed on the Beat: For those unaware, can you introduce yourself to the SpeedontheBeat.com readership? Just a bit of basic information about yourself.

Cara: The name’s Cara, I’m a 26-year-old cam model. Basically, I make amateur smut and host a live video chat room where things tend to freaky!

Speed: Haven’t heard “smut” in a minute (laughs). How’d you get into camming? Was it just something to do when there was nothing to do, or was it a bit more thought out than that?

Cara: A friend suggested Streamate as I complained about my 9-5. Knowing absolutely nothing about cam sites, I didn’t get the joke. I looked it up, hung out in a couple of models room and decided to give it a try. Quit my job 2 months later, and never looked back!

Speed: How long have you been camming and the like?

Cara: A little over three years now, although I still feel like a newbie most days.

Speed: What are some of your favorite scenes to do for your audiences and for videos? Do you, for instance, prefer outside scenes to bedroom squirting scenes or are all your scenes your favorites for various reasons.

Cara: My favorites change with my moods, but most days I really enjoy filming sensual videos where I get to take my time and really feel it. Like teasing myself and edging a bit before I cum. The real fun comes with how to make that happen. I could be tied up with a vibrator strapped to me, massaging oil all over after a hot bath, or sitting on the patio with adrenaline rushing hoping not to be seen.

Speed:  This is a question I’ve probably never asked any other cammers or models. What’s your favorite toy? I mean, you said for me it was cool to ask the NSFW questions. Besides, you may be able to give some pointers on how to…properly use it.

Cara: Hands down, my Trojan Twister vibrator!

Speed: Interesting choice. How come?

Cara: It gives just the right amount of vibration without being too much. There’s a few different speeds and pulses so I can change it up randomly. Edging is so fun with it, right when that speed/pulse starts to feel REALLY good, I switch and hold off my orgasm a bit longer. Stronger vibrators like the Hitachi are too much to tease with, it’s just a straight-to-it kind of orgasm.

Speed: Gotta agree with you on edging. Sometimes, you want to have a bit more fun with it than just the, as you said, straight-to-it orgasms. So, do you prefer BG or solo scenes? I know you’ve recently completed your first BG sex scene, so I figured I’d ask.

Cara: I prefer filming solo, only because I don’t have to worry about what the guy is doing. It takes a lot of coordination and understanding of the video concept, lighting, angles, timing, camera/editing abilities, etc. Most guys just think you turn the camera on and go, but that’s not how it works.

Speed: Sounds a lot like most guys with sex in general. Now, perhaps I haven’t perused your site or your work enough to know, but have you ever done/will you ever do GG?

Cara: I haven’t done anything G/G on camera other than a kiss yet, but I’ve dated women in the past. I am however planning on a trip next month to film and cam with Amber Lily! It’ll be my 1st time in Cali and working with another model (and hopefully not my last) so I’m SUPER excited and also nervous about it!

Speed: Do you have anyone in particular you just need to work with? Director, fellow model, whomever.

Cara: Not really, there are tons of gorgeous models out there and I’m happy to work with any that I “click” with.

Speed: What are some of the sites your work’s appeared on?

Cara: I cam on Streamate, have videos on ManyVids and Clips4Sale, as well as my personal site ClassyCara.net. I’ve cammed on MyFreeCams and KinkLive in the past, though.

Speed:  I’ve asked this question a couple times with some of my interviewees. Do you feel that, as a non-White model, things are different for you? And, if so, how? Feel free, if you need, to elaborate as much as you want.

Cara: Unfortunately, yes. Society has stereotypes across the board, in the adult industry, outside of the the adult industry, for women, men, nationalities, races, etc. It’s human nature, but for those who don’t fit those stereotypes it creates challenges. I’m not your typical model, I’m not your typical African American model. I’m me, and always will be. I enjoy role-play, but I won’t fake being something I’m not. Even growing up was tough, didn’t fit in with the black kids, didn’t fit in with the white kids. I just kinda kept to myself. Overcoming stereotypes and being comfortable with who you are is something a lot of people have to go through, no matter what industry they’re in.

Even more so, there’s an ever-changing tug of war with what a beautiful or sexy woman looks like. Most top models on cam/content sites have the same general look. But I don’t fault them or the site, it’s what society has been “taught” is sexy. It’s what we see on TV, in magazines, on the movie screens, everywhere. It changes over the decades, and I think we’re starting to become more accepting of differences, but there’s still that ideal look.

It took me a while to realize I’m going to have to put in ten times more work to get where I want to be. Being different from that ideal look means I won’t be the one to get lucky, blow up overnight, or be super successful right off the bat.

Is it fair? Eh, probably not, but it’s my reality and I think I prefer it that way. Keeps me from taking my fans for granted, and I appreciate success so much more because I worked my butt off for it. I’m not one to whine, beg to be taken care of, or spoiled. When things aren’t going well, I look in the mirror and get to work!

Speed: Totally agree Outside of modeling, what are some other things you find yourself getting into? This can be either professionally, personally, or otherwise.

Cara: Don’t laugh–

Speed: Okay. I’ve seen/heard of some pretty unique answers. Hell, one of my favorite things to do is replay Wild Arms 2 every so often.

Cara: I like organizing things. I love to re-arranging rooms in my house, planning events, organizing family members’ homes and offices, etc. It’s weird, but I have a knack for it. I also like D.I.Y. projects, cooking, and all forms of art. I’m a home body, but anytime I can enjoy those things (either personally of professionally) I’m happy!

Speed: Do you ever worry about people recognizing you outside of the confines of your site(s)?

Cara: Not really. It’s something you have to be prepared for when you enter this industry. It worried me in the beginning, mostly when I wasn’t sure if I’d be doing this full time, but I don’t really care now. I know for a fact some of my fans are in the same area as me.

Speed: Speaking of which, if someone were to run into you in person, what would be the proper etiquette to approach you to say hello?

Cara: I’d say to keep your distance at first. I may be with friends, family, or something where a meet and greet wouldn’t be appropriate. Send me a message to let me know you’re in the area, and if it’s cool I’ll give you the ok to approach and say hey. I don’t mind saying hey to fans, as long as they’re respectful of my personal space.

Speed: As a DMV native, do you have any opinion on the recent signing of Kevin Durant by the Golden State Warriors? Figured I’d ask since we don’t talk enough sportsball on SpeedontheBeat.com at times.

Cara: I lost a lot of interest in the NBA over the years.

Speed: Same. I’m kind of more of a college fan myself (Go Terps).

Cara: I think it’s becoming less about the game and more about the money and politics. Never really had a favorite team, just players I liked (and STRONGLY disliked!). So I’d just watch the Finals for the most part. But now? I feel like I finally have a team! Call me a bandwagon fan if you want, but I like the passion, strength, and humbleness of the GSW line up. An all-around team I can get behind!

Speed: Well, at least you’re honest (laughs). I’m still partial to the Wizards, but the Warriors are getting things done. So, last couple questions. Where can people reach you to either view your work, chat it up, or any of those sorts of things?

Cara: I have a Twitter, Instagram, Periscope (all @ClassyCaraM), and Snapchat (Classy_Cara).
I cam on Streamate (bit.ly/CaraSM), have videos on ManyVids (bit.ly/CarasVids) and Clips4Sale (bit.ly/CarasC4S). And members of my site (ClassyCara.net), they can chat with me all day, every day.

Speed:  Do you have any parting words for our readers?

Cara: Enjoy life and all the (sexual) experiences that come with it! 

Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on speedonthebeat.com. Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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