Retro Retrospective: Ideal – "Get Gone"

In 1999, I was an eleven-year old boy who loved music. Because of this, I got exposed to a lot of artists and groups who, today, we’ve probably forgotten about. Today’s discussion topic comes to us from, essentially, a one-hit wonder known as Ideal. Ideal, a Houston-based quartet, had some pretty legit supporters in artists such as R.L. from Next, Bryan-Michael Cox, Jazze Pha, and Jagged Edge. However, like many late-90s groups, they got lost in the shuffle. Today, I will commemorate the group by discussing my favorite Ideal track, their lead single “Get Gone.” “Whatever” was a bigger single in some ways, but “Get Gone” was the one that got me.
Now, “Get Done” screams late-90s, early-2000s. Everything about it is nostalgic. From the “Always on Time”-esque guitar licks, to the all-white jean suits, to the spoken-word intro, to the power ballad vocals on a track about a woman needing to, well, “get gone…get her bags and get the hell on” because creeping was contagious (see what I did there?), it’s all here. It’s a song that’d be on one of those Time Life commercials talking about “the latest and greatest R&B from [insert era here].” 
Lead vocalist Maverick Cotton, brother to fellow bandmate Swab, powers through the song and gives us some raw emotion in this track. That keeps it from being typical late-90s breakup ballad, as you can feel hurt from Maverick’s voice, not just him singing some words. I mean, dude tells his ex to “get the fuck on” out of here with her cheating ass over orchestrated strings. If you add this to the backing vocals sounding like something churchy, you’ve got a song that should have stuck into peoples’ psyches a bit more. 
But the video? The video is cheese. It’s standard as hell for this era. CGI spinning box effects featuring the artists singing, for instance, populate the video more than the actual “story.” It’s a victim of being a track from 1999, 2000. So, with that in mind, it’s nothing special and somewhat detracts from the song’s epic feel. It’s not a bad video, per se. It’s just cookie-cutter in its presentation.
The remix of the track, though, feels like a scrapped track from mixed with a bit of proto-8701 Usher. For me, it ruins the track’s emotion and makes it like the video: cookie-cutter in its presentation. Sure, we still get some decent melodies and the like from the quartet. But, its nothing special. 
I think that’s what kept Ideal from being great. They had that soul, that fire. But, they were usually given–or gave listeners–somewhat pedestrian tracks. These tracks, aside from the singles, were sort of interchangeable with a lot of the music of the time. I’ll bet money that many of the readers today don’t even remember Ideal, sadly. But, “Get Gone” is a classic, in some ways. 
So, in short, if you’re looking for some ’90s R&B to put in your rotation, give “Get Gone’s” original version a listen and rediscover some underrated R&B. Avoid the remix, though. Sorry, guys. Can’t champion it.
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