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SOTBMusic: An Interview with BLACK AX

Maryland-born, VA-residing artist–and one of my DAR brothers–Jeff Axel, better known as BLACK AX, has been making music for over ten years. The twenty-six-year-old “energy gawd” has always been unique in his approach, mixing crunchy southern instrumentation, soulful vocalization, and enough sauce, percolation, and verbiage to make E-40 do a double take. Coolin in AXELWorld is […]

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New SOTBMusic: Shokus Apollo Explores The Sun In Scorpio

Shokus Apollo opted to ring in his thirtieth (we’re getting old) with a new project. The Sun in Scorpio is nothing like Tresvant. Instead of an exploration of melody and 90s R&B homages, we’re given more of an attacking Apollo over dreamy instrumentation in a journey through the cosmos, stopping off throughout lands of astrology and […]

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