How About Those Terps (@TerrapinHoops)?

When last year’s Terps team was all but gutted by graduations the NBA Draft, I’ll be honest. I thought the team was talented enough to overcome the loss of most of its starting five, but I was skeptical. Justin Jackson could replace Layman and Robert Carter, Jr. in some ways. Kevin Huerter has sparks of excellence. The bench is still solid. Overall, it was a solid team, one that could still contend. But, the chemistry is always a thing you’ve got to worry about with a team that loses most of its starting five.

After last night’s game against Georgetown, my fears have been assuaged a bit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s still a lot of work to do. For instance, the Terps are fouling. A lot. But, the way that the team came together (and took the brunt of the work off of Melo Trimble’s shoulders for most of the game), that’s something to look forward to. And how about that block from Huerter, though? Damn. People are calling it a “LeBron moment,” and to be honest? That was pretty clutch of him to have the wherewithal to be on his toes to block the potential heartbreaker from Jagan Mosely of Georgetown.

The Terps can breathe easier this week.

Photo Credit: Toni L Sandys/The Washington Post

They beat Georgetown (let’s keep this rivalry a thing, eh?) and they’ve got a game against St. Mary’s where they’ll be looking to build momentum (and atone for their mistakes against American). Overall, this year’s Terps team is looking to be just as dangerous as last year’s. Potentially more so, since we knew that Diamond Stone et al would be able to step up automatically. People weren’t expecting as much from this year’s freshman and new cast members…but they’re bringing it.

College football is almost over and I’m getting excited for the Terps’ chances in March. Must be college basketball season.

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