The Evolution of @stvnlmnt

Now, anyone that’s been a fan of for long enough knows that I’m a champion of the little dudes and want to help said little dudes get their weight up to run with the big dogs. You can find a lot of gold in the underground if you know where to look. Some of the folks I’ve helped discover/foster their growth, they’ve gone onto some pretty big things. Sufficed to say, I have a pretty dope-ass ear for talent…or at least that’s what people tell me. Ego-stroking aside, I got a request from one of the artists I’ve covered on here, Steven Lamont (stvnlmnt), to track is progress from one of his earlier projects, Trifecta, to his most recently Sincerely EP.

Let’s get right into it.

One of the biggest things that’s improved is the sound quality of the tracks. On Trifecta and stvnlmnt, there was more of a lo-fi feel. And I love the DIY approach to music. Hell, I made a career off of it. But, on some tracks, such as the intro, “Taboo,” the bass drowns out the track more often than not. As Lamont, and his producer alter-ego Fisherman Cap, have evolved, the production’s gotten crisper and the mixes allow you to catch the bars that Lamont’s throwing out there. That brings me to the actual bars.

While Lamont’s always had a penchant for some solid lines, his flow felt a bit stilted on stuff from earlier releases. The progress that he’s made in finding more comfort in his flow over the past year is something that takes me by surprise. I mean, a lot of artists, over the course of a year, they’re still experimenting with what works. Hell, as Drizzle and I discussed on our review of stvnlmnt: The Mixtape, there was a lot of hype put into pushing the work, but some of that hype was lost on the project itself.

While we still get some of that experimentation, Lamont’s flow is definitely a lot more full of life on his later works. It’s less timid and unsure of itself. The projects are becoming more and more cohesive as a result of it. Additionally, the team that Lamont’s surrounded himself with have also seen their work rise in quality in the past year, fostering further growth. But, it all starts with the flow and capturing who he wants to showcase himself as.

Overall, in the year-plus since I was first introduced to Steven, I’ve seen a lot of progress. And, truth be told, if he continues, he’s got a legit shot of connecting with some big dots. I’m proud of you, man. Keep shooting for the moon in all of your next moves.

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