New SOTBMusic: @donaldglover – "Awaken, My Love"

This is not a “review” in the traditional sense. This is not going to be a piece where I either defecate on a project or hold it up as the greatest album ever released. Instead, I’m just going to say this. Childish Gambino’s latest project, “Awaken, My Love,is beautiful. It’s groovy where many albums have failed to be in recent times. I’m not going to say that he’s up and completely abandoned his old styles, either. Why? Well, Gambino’s been known to blend genres together before. Seriously, critics, did you really listen to Because the Internet or did you just call it “clever brag-rap” without getting down into the different cues he took throughout that project?

Overall, it’s a very dope piece that feels like he took more cues from Parliament Funkadelic than he did from Drake, but still managed to keep it hip-hop at its core. It’s funky and it feels like TPAB mixed with parts of Curtis. But, there’s nothing really “non-rap” about it if you know the roots of the genre. In fact, the genre has been building up for projects like this, especially with stuff like TPAB. So, I’ll shut up and you go stream the project. Deal? Deal.

Speed on the Beat

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