An SOTBInterview with Aurora Jolie (@AuroraMoonBeam) – The Sequel

Almost two years ago, I got the chance to fulfill a dream of mine in an interview with adult film legend and musician Aurora Jolie. In the time since, I’ve been asked to do a follow-up piece with Aurora and get her thoughts on a lot of topics. However, I decided to go a bit more sexual with our second interview. With Jolie’s evolution over the years, I felt it was needed to revisit the sexy side of things. Without touching on every facet of her journey, we’re missing the whole story and that’s just something I won’t have for

Yes, I asked why Aurora Jolie strictly stuck to anal in her scenes. Yes, we talk sex toys. And, yes, we even talk about one of my favorite scenes she did with Pinky some time ago. But, even while talking sexually, it was clear to see that Jolie has a lot more to her than that. Using her status, for instance, to help raise money for the only children’s hospital in Idaho (check the link), it’s obvious that Jolie’s a class act and one who’s got big dreams, aspirations, and tools to get to where she wants/needs to be. So, without further ado, let’s get into the questions and answers.

Speed: How have the musical pursuits gone since we last spoke? Any new tasty jams?
Aurora: I’ve taken vocal training with an amazing operatic teacher and i have my new vocal coach to help me practice voice lessons. I also have a couple new guitars to add to my stable. I am majoring in music in school and studying music theory as well, so whether it is a hobby or a career, I will always keep music in my life!
Speed: Let’s get sexual, since we went another route last time. I see that you’re now on ManyVids. How’d that come about?

Aurora: I am very much into homemade, amateur style porn and i stumbled upon ManyVids through social media. It is an interesting community and I feel I am just getting started. I would like to play around with some lo-fi amateur scenes and also some glossier scenes. But, nothing too fancy because I like the real feeling of hooking up with someone and filming it versus the staged porn “fantasy.” Ultimately, I would like to find a happy medium of having content that feels real and looks nice.

Speed: Do you feel more freedom doing camming than “traditional” adult film work?

Aurora: There are definitely pros and cons. The pros are being able to make money from home and also not having to expose yourself to dangerous situations. Camming is a lot safer and healthier than porn. The downside to camming is, when you do porn, you are more shielded in a sense from the fans. So, if you are antisocial porn is better. There are certain porn girls that I can’t imagine camming because you actually have to be able to deal with people. The biggest downside to camming is the fact that most cam companies keep too much percentage, so the goal is to make my own camming platform.

Speed: On that same note, are you doing any traditional bookings or strictly cam work?

Aurora: I am available for solo and couple cam/Skype shows. I also am a background actress for network television. Additionally, I have filmed two films, Evil Bong 420 and Evil Bong High 5, that are available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

Speed: I’ve talked to a few ManyVids artists. In your opinion, how does ManyVids work for those who want to know? 
Aurora: ManyVids is a great place to find different adult content and it is simple to use. Just sign up for an account and browse. On my ManyVids channel, I sell monthly memberships, videos, phone calls, and custom video orders which are videos people specifically ask for. It is also a good website to network and you can also email me 
Speed: Will you branch out to include more scenes/types of scenes?

Aurora: Most of the scenes will either be me or me and a guy. I have no plans to use any females. But, I would be open to playing with a sex robot or a blowup doll. I’d like to do more fetish things like some ass-spanking videos and I like BDSM. I am not really into cosplay…but I would do a scene where I fucked someone in a Jason mask or some horror-oriented things. 

Speed: I’ve had this question pop up in my timeline pertaining you. I’ve seen answers around the way, but I figured I’d ask the source. Why did/do you choose to specialize in anal?

Aurora: I got into porn when I was 18. I had just graduated high school and I was never popular in school and no boys ever liked me. I was very tomboyish and dorky. So, by nature, I was a virgin when I graduated high school and got into porn with no life experience. Nothing really special to this story; I just decided to never do it because I didn’t want to. I’m also glad I didn’t do vaginal because it’s your sexual reproductive organs. Too risky to get pregnant and there are also some porn girls who have become infertile this way. No thanks. 

Speed: Will there ever be, ManyVids or otherwise, an Aurora Jolie vaginal scene, even with a toy?

Aurora: I would rather not. It just doesn’t interest me. I prefer the anal niche.

Speed: Speaking of toys, what are some of your favorites and why? Spare no detail.

Aurora: My favorite toys are definitely vibrators. I also like waterproof pocket rockets and butt plugs. I have a butt plug with a tail on it, which is pretty cool. As far as dildos are concerned, I only use glass-made toys. Glass-made sex toys are the best quality, easy to clean, and last the longest. Glass sex toys are also healthier than other materials, such as plastics and jellies, which contain cancerous agents. Glass is the way to go!

Speed: G/G scenes. What was your favorite?

Definitely the scene I did with Gianna was my favorite and the most memorable. She is super sexy and sweet and I think the scene Gianna and I did was super hot and we both looked foxy. She is a natural and made me feel at ease. It was nice having her on me and kissing her. That’s my favorite part of doing girl scenes: the kissing part.

Speed: I remember a while ago, you did a scene with Pinky. Do you remember how that came about and would you ever consider doing one with her again? I mean, you guys are GOATS in the game.

Aurora: All the scenes i did were through an agent so she called my agent and she booked me to film for her company. I have a lot of respect for Pinky because she was writing checks and paying people. She was a producer, which is a lot more than just a performer. I get a little irritated when people try to compare newer girls to her that aren’t making the producer money moves she was making. To answer your question, though, I would definitely work with Pinky again. But, I’d prefer to move on from adult and collaborate with her on music since I know she’s an artist. Let’s move forward with new art and content. 

Jolie in the Evil Bong series

Speed: Totally down for a Pinky/Aurora collabo musically. Are you taking requests or anything? Yes, I take orders for custom videos on my ManyVids profile
Speed: Do you have an suggestions for young women who want to get into the field?

Aurora: I’d say if you have any aspirations to be a professional don’t do it. Porn isn’t the easy way out. It follows you everywhere. It’s difficult to move on even if you are an artist and not really into business. If you want to be an actress, study acting, do some background work, get an agent. Again, DON’T DO porn.

Porn isn’t the backdoor to Hollywood. Don’t be fooled by the occasional crossover success because even those girls still tend to be typecasted into sexual roles. If you wanna do Playboy, take some nice digitals and submit them online, DON’T DO porn because iconic and classy companies like Playboy tend to stay away from porn girls barring a few exceptions. I could go on with the Thirty Mile Zone casting horror stories and how much being a porn star DOESN’T help you get the job if you have true Hollywood dreams. 

Speed: Real shit. So, where can fans reach out to find your latest scenes/thoughts?

Aurora: You can find me at the following links:

You can also donate to my Extra Life campaign where I’m playing for St. Luke’s Hospital which is the only children’s hospital in Idaho. All donations are tax-deductible.
Speed: I’ve got to ask before we end. Did you watch The New Edition Story? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

Aurora: I’ve seen the first two episodes. I like it so far. I honestly never really knew much about New Edition outside of their music. So, it’s cool to see the story and to see the styles of the era. I think the actors in the show have incredible voices, especially the kids. It’s always refreshing to see these talented young musical artists.

There are a lot of good films with fresh talent like Moonlight as well. On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed Moonlight and La La Land. I’ll be happy if either of them wins for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year. It is actually a very exciting time in Hollywood and a lot of good stories are being told again. 

Speed: I still need to see La La Land. Finally, do you have any musical suggestions? I need to find something new to listen to and I figured I’d end with a music question, since we began with some.

Aurora: I am not really into new music. I very rarely find new music that I like. So, I prefer to delve through the old treasures. If something is old but you never heard it, then it’s new to you. That being said, the only recent artist worthy of a name drop is Bankroll Fresh. He was one of the few newer people I actually liked. Rest in Power Bankroll!

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8 thoughts on “An SOTBInterview with Aurora Jolie (@AuroraMoonBeam) – The Sequel

  1. The the one where she teased in the Tits shirt for most of the scene, then the last 30 seconds, there was insertion, right? Yeah, I knew about that one (unless there's another). Just always wondered if she'd consider doing more. Now I know the answer haha. Thanks for reading.-Speed on the Beat


  2. Aurora is gorgeous. Even if I believe that this anal queen was a vaginal virgin in her early porn days, I don't buy that no boys ever liked her in school. High school boys have raging hard-ons for everything including the school mascot.


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