SOTB on Video Games: What I Want from COD WWII

I’m going to rant a bit. Bare with me, fanboys. I’m kind of excited for COD WWII, because it seems fun. But, part of me is wary.

With games like Doom and the Battlefield series, one has to wonder: what’s become of Call of Duty? Yes, the COD WWII trailers look savage and brutal. But, as seen with the last few installments of the franchise, flashy, kick-ass trailers will only take you so far. I mean, if the entire project feels held back by overly convoluted stories, there are characters who have as much persona to them as a mindless Halo soldier, and the innovations serve more as tricks and more flashiness, you’re going to run into problems.

What started as a straight-up Medal of Honor¬†contemporary evolved into Halo-meets-Crysis-meets-Modern Warfare 3. That, my friends, isn’t all that great–regardless of what the trailers show. Now, with the backtread to WWII gaming (the series’ original bread and butter), we may see some sort of evolution and revolution to the franchise.

I mean, it worked for one of their chief rivals.

Let’s look at Battlefield. They tried the Modern Warfare thing as well and usually delivered a solid franchise. Not the greatest, but still fun to play. But, when they decided to reinvent the wheel by starting over (in some ways) with Battlefield 1, things got interesting in a way that even a gritty CSI-meets-The Shield game couldn’t deliver (I’m looking at you, Hardline).

Battlefield 1 was–and still is–amazing in every sense of the word. There isn’t a crazy, over-the-top story. There’s just historical context and shit getting shot and blown to bits. That’s fun. There’s actually strategy to be had as well versus “let’s frag the fuck out of something and pray it sticks.” That’s what COD WWII has to deliver for me to become excited about it. No crazy stories with “real world connections” or whatever, just good ol’ fashioned FPS goodness–with horses and tanks and maybe a plane (if it doesn’t feel overly gimmicky, if that makes sense). I’m a simple man, dammit. I just want to be more excited about COD, like I used to be in college. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I want more…but less at the same time out of my games.

And for the love of God, can we get something besides a Zombies mode? Please?! I know zombies are still cool, but damn. There’s got to be another gimmick mode you can include…right?

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