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Eva Rhymes Wants to Burn the World Down and Rebuild

Eva Rhymes’ latest wants to burn the world and rebuild.

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New SOTBMusic: @BigSean – "Halfway Off The Balcony"

So, about twelve hours ago, Big Sean dropped a new I Decided┬átrack, “Halfway Off The Balcony.” The multilayered track, for me, has several possible outlooks. First, there’s a possible look into a contemplation of suicide.Then, there’s an analysis of ways to remove oneself from crazy situations. Finally, and possibly most accurately, there’s a story about […]

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Late Night Movie Show (Independent)

In this world, you’re often given a choice. Either you can stew on negativity or take what you have to turn the page and bring about some sort of positive change. And while many cliches come to mind (you can’t make a cake without breaking some eggs is one of my favorites), it’s true that […]

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