New SOTBMusic: @SinitusTempo Gives Us "Sounds of Isis"

In evolving as an artist, you’ll often need to get away from “what works” and grow your sound–even if it doesn’t always come out right. I went through that personally in stuff after Baltimore Commercial Break, an album that was heavily based and steeped in samples and interpolations (again, I hope it was used in fair enough use that I’m not getting sued for it somewhere down the line). The same thing is happening with DMV-based producer/composer Sinitus Tempo.

Often known for pulling samples from every corner of the Earth (from blues to anime themes to everywhere in between), he’s decided to do away with that on his latest offering in an effort to grow. And what we get is a chilled-out jazz piece that’s constructed from scratch. But, it’s done so well that it gets to the point it still feels sampled while feeling like its own thing. That’s a sweet spot for me: making something sound¬†sampled when it’s still all your own work. I won’t spoil too much more about it, though. So, check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Sounds Of Isis by Sinitus Tempo

Speed on the Beat

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