SOTBSports: Can The @Orioles Maintain This Current Run?

As always, I’ll try to keep this one short.

The Baltimore Orioles have rattled off six wins in a row and look more and more like a playoff-caliber team with each outing (we’re looking at you, Dylan Bundy of one-hit ball last night). Maybe it’s because Jonathan Schoop is playing at a level previously unseen from the 2B. Perhaps it’s because Trey Mancini would be a valid contender for AL Rookie of the Year if Aaron Judge didn’t come along. Maybe Adam Jones’ veteran wisdom lit a fire under the team’s proverbial backside. It could be because the Orioles listened to people like me and didn’t trade Manny Machado for just any old bird. Maybe Tim Beckham’s playing, for the most part, like you’d expect a former number-one draft pick to play (aside from those almost costly errors last night).

I’m no guru. However, whatever’s going on in Camden Yards these past few weeks, it’s working wonders for my hometown team. And it’s getting the fanbase re-energized in a season that has been, I’ll admit, trying as hell.

Now, I’d probably be stupid to say that the Orioles are the team to beat in the AL right now. However, they’re playing like a team with nothing to lose and everything to win. In short, they’re playing like they’ve got some new life in them and are fighting the big dogs–at home and abroad. Of course, the Orioles have rattled off wins against the Mariners and the Athletics. That’s not overly impressive; both teams, like the Orioles, have struggled this year. But, to go into Fenway and sweep the Red Sox? Bipolar tendencies of Boston aside, that’s impressive. That’s something that makes people take notice. That’s what this team needs in order to content in the postseason.

So, do I think that the Orioles can maintain this run they’re on? To be frank, yes. The team is clicking even better than they did earlier in the season (before the massive slide). Barring a catastrophic blowup from the bullpen or everyone hitting a slump at the same damn time, I see the Orioles continuing their winning ways into the last month of the season. Will that be enough for a postseason berth? I can only hope so.

But, if not, the Orioles are definitely playing with some Oriole Magic on their side and I’m here for it.

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