SOTBMusic: I’m Finally Talking the @iigonz_ EP

It took me months, but I’m finally going to discuss, in brief, the EP put out by basketball stars-turned-singing duo The Gonzalez Twins, a/k/a IIGonz. Feel free to press pause until you actually read my “review,” but the whole experience is meant to be heard and read at the same time.

It’s absurd how the NCAA tried to restrict the talent they have (like many other athlete/artist-types, it seems). However, free of the NCAA, the duo is unlimited in their potential. Does Take 1 make a huge mark in the game or does it end up being on an “It’s aight, but…” sort of level? It took me so long because I wanted the hype/novelty of the project to wear off before I approached it.

Sonically, it reminds me a lot of if you mixed Aaliyah with Mila J and Jhene Aiko. It’s smooth lyricism laid out over somewhat syrupy instrumentation mixed with pop-friendly sensibilities while not losing its edge. Plain and simple, if that’s your R&B cup of tea, you’ll find yourself in a brief heaven state while this project is playing. Their voices compliment each other pretty well to create a lot of dope harmonization. Their “Sean Paul” tribute track is pretty dope, as it is fully composed of old Sean Paul lyrics put on display over a chill instrumental. Overall, it’s a pretty solid debut project and encapsulates what it means to be a young woman in this world we live in today. It’s equal parts brag-centric and vulnerable, capturing both duality and similarities in every step–kind of like twins themselves.

The thing that I’m really surprised about is that it didn’t take off further. Both Dylan and Dakota have some pretty solid voices and the music is within the vein of what’s really going well within alt-R&B right now. They’ve got the look and they’ve got the sound. Why Take 1 didn’t catapult the duo further into the musical spotlight is a bit of a mystery. But, I’m not here to ponder about what ifs, at least not here. If you need some dope alt-R&B vibes, check this one out. You will not be disappointed.

As for the Gonzalez Twins, they’ve been busy with crossing people up, signing to Master P’s co-ed basketball league, and soaking up sun for TMZ cameras. You know, normal post-college stuff. All jokes aside, they’re dope. So, support dope music in all its forms.

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