New SOTBMusic Premiere: @SpeedontheBeat – Fingerpointers 2

I went back to my no-fi/lo-fi roots for a second and dropped this one. Compared to a lot of “lo-fi Speed” stuff, it’s still pretty on-point sonically without all the “No-Fi King” pops and flubs. In other words, it’s a middle of the road Speed track that isn’t middle of the road at all. It’s a profanity-free romp (play it for your kids) through the foolishness we go through as humans and how people will try to steal your shine (whether it be financially or spiritually) just because they’re envious. Some people will even snitch on you even if you’ve done nothing wrong just to see you fall. I’m saying “screw that.”

You may remember a song off Songs For… entitled “Fingerpointers” that was about people who tried to dump on you, but you had to just pimp on them like a boss (or something like that). This is its more-grounded sequel. So, check it out above and support dope music in all its forms. And, no, there’s no album. Not yet anyways (for those of you who are like True and think I’m coming back).
Speed on the Beat

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