New SOTBMusic: @SpeedontheBeat Presents Mama Young’s Son

This is my untitled unmasted meets 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time in some ways. I mean, most of the stuff was recorded via a couple of high-end phone apps, ran through Soundtrap and MAZTR for mixing and whatnot, and pressed out for the world to see. No other hands have touched this, for better or worse, besides my own. There weren’t any fancy mics because, truth be told, this album wasn’t supposed to happen (you know, retirement and shit). Hell, “Fingerpointers 2,” I stripped the beat for that and just left the raw a capella, pops and glitches and all. There’s a reason for that, though (see my Twitter).

MMS is also an album that deals with my hatred of my “rap voice,” becoming a better man, and dealing with knowing that, while I’m “Mama Young’s Son,” I can never be her, nor can I use anyone to replace her. She’s gone, but she’s still the only mother I’ll ever have–or need (no woman will need to baby me, Mrs. Obama). This album is probably one of my most-raw projects, mainly because of the way it was recorded. Additionally, it’s one that opens up another side of me that I tend to not discuss as much in music: my spiritual/”religious” side. 
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m never going to be the person who goes to church every week. But, I’m also not the person who only prays when shit gets hellish. Truthfully, I’m conflicted in a lot of ways about religion and that comes out in Mama Young’s Son
If this album doesn’t move you in some way, sorry. But, this is my story and I needed to put it out there, even if it’s somewhat unmastered and sometimes lo-fi as fuck. 
To get to how else this is kind of like my 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time, this version of the album also includes an album’s worth from my J Dot Speed days to further bring my story as an artist and a human being full-circle, as started on The Sorest Loser. The Bandcamp version of the album is different from the iTunes and Spotify versions because of that factor alone. I may release these songs on other platforms as something like The J Dot Era 2, but, for now, this version of the album is exclusive to Bandcamp.
Enjoy and, if you’re rocking with anything on here, feel free to purchase a copy or a song or whatever. I’m not going to force you to because fuck that noise. Support dope music in all its forms, even if it’s not as pretty as you’re used to from an artist. The album will be available on Spotify, iTunes, etc. on the 11th (what would’ve been Mama Young’s 68th birthday). So, support the fuck out of it if you’re feeling even a smidgen of it.
Speed on the Beat

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