New SOTBMusic: @stvnlmnt Is Stoning The Competition to Death on Hit Factory Vol. 2

I’ll keep this one brief. Why? Well, sometimes it’s better to let the bars speak for themselves and just wash over you. Now, Steven Lamont (#lamonte) has been on an evolutionary pace since he first appeared on SOTB via a loosie and some Profound Assholes discussion on his shit. He’s always had bars and the like, but like Drizzle said, he lacked something that fully held your attention…but he always was ready to blow the fuck up.

Fast forward two years (almost one year after Hit Factory Vol. 1) and Steven Lamont has gotten everything in line. His bars are even more hard-hitting and lyrical, his ear for production (and his own production as Fisherman Cap) has evolved to make sure you pay attention to the entire product, and his guest spots (including a scene-stealing one from NishoSoul) complement his project versus take it over. He gives us a look into his mindset and mentality without becoming self-absorbent, so that’s definitely a plus. Overall, it’s great to see Steven continuously evolve as an artist. And he’s from the DMV originally, so double win.

Check out Hit Factory Vol. 2 below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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