New SOTBMusic: @Tate_Kobang Strikes Back with Tate Ko

About eight months after Silent Waves, Tate Kobang’s back on the scene with Tate Ko. I can’t really describe this one to do it justice. But, since people sometimes come here to see my opinions on music, I’ll try. It’s Baltimore, it’s elsewhere, it’s bars, it’s hip-hop, it’s rap, it’s what you want and what you need out the game. Without giving everything away, it’s a taste of everything but still manages to be distinctly Tate Kobang-delivered music.

I mean, the man goes all over the place. We get to experience him rapping over a jazzy instrumental that feels sculpted a bit from Lupe’s playbook (see “Paris, Tokyo”) that features Swizz Beatz. Then, we see him getting down and grimy with West Side Goldie. From there, we see Kobang trading bars with Deetranada (who’s kept her own buzz going in her own right) and opining about not really being selfish with Chaz French. That is enough for a few projects’ worth of material, but we get it all over the course of these tracks. That’s completely disregarding the fact that Tate had his co-production hat on a few of these as well.

Watching Tate Kobang’s evolution has been great. It becomes even greater when it’s obvious that he’s not done yet. He’s one of the many bright spots out of the Baltimore-centric music scene and I don’t see his star dimming any time soon. Check out his latest release and do the thing: support dope music in all of its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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