New SOTBMusic: @JoynerLucas Delves into Race Relations in I’m Not Racist

A raw conversation on race relations that hits the nail through the wood and back out the other side, Joyner Lucas’ “I’m Not Racist” isn’t a 10000000% perfect analysis of what it means to be Black (and what it means to not understand being Black) in America. However, it doesn’t need to be completely. These are Lucas’ thoughts on the subject and we must respect them as such. I will say, however, that the ending of the video came off a bit tonally different than what I expected and wanted from it.

Now the rest of the song, “I’m Not Racist,” it’s a discussion that is in your face in its approach and hits all the low-hanging fruit (“why can’t I use ‘nigga’ in conversation without being considered racist,” “why do you hate my Black culture,” “why does America really need to be Trump-led to be ‘great again’,” etc.) while still shooting for the higher-placed ones at the same time. It’s something that’s needed in 2017, post-Trump election, post-“post-racial” America. We need to heal and we can’t do that without actual conversation about the shit that matters and continue to have that dialogue open even when things get uncomfortable. So, check it out and support dope music in all its forms.

And if you’ve got to start a sentence off with “I’m not racist, but…,” chances are you’re being a bit racist. 

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