New SOTBMusic: @ProzTaylor Introduces Us to His Deadman Wonderland

Proz Taylor comes to SOTBMusic with his debut project, Deadman Wonderland. The best way to describe this one is that it’s dark as hell. I mean, the project is named after a pretty dark anime series (one you should check out if you’re interested). The project, while not steeped in anime culture, lives up to its namesake in a variety of ways. Taylor’s flow on this is almost laid-back in its acceptance of the macabre going on in his life. The approach is refreshing because it’s some pretty gritty material being presented, but Taylor makes it all seem like “oh, this is a normal occurrence to me.”

It’s emotional in its approach as well, speaking on past flames and the like in a way that’s regretful of meeting them but also still oddly reminiscent of the past. The project features a wide variety of artists, including the likes of Deezie Brown, who features on “The Hills Run Red.” Brown’s feature on the project especially caught me because it’s not exactly in the same vein as many of his previous releases but it’s still equally captivating. However, one thing that gets me is that the instrumentals kind of blend together. I’m not sure if that was a conscious choice or what, but it makes for an album that beats you over the head with its themes at times. Even within its repetition, though, the album still works and is a great collection of similar vibes and energies.

Overall, it’s a dope introduction to the Mississippi artist and one that is, if you have the patience for similarly themed darker hip-hop, quite rewarding in its presentation. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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