New SOTBMusic: @Migos Dropped A Long-Ass Album in Culture II

So, Migos dropped their new album today. Cool. With that said, here’s my review of Culture II.

Without writing a bunch of wordy-words to further put you in a state of “holy crap did I just do that,” the thing is just too damned long and doesn’t recapture anything from their previous releases. The only thing it recaptures is a feeling of “damn, we’ve done this before.” That could be because there’ve been many singles released from this project (none of which have been that amazing, if we want to be completely real with ourselves). This could’ve been the album that truly made Migos a transcendent hip-hop act. Instead? Nah, son, not this time.

If you ever wanted 24 tracks of (mostly) four-to-five minute Migos songs that kind of feel similar to the other stuff, here you go. If you’re like the rest of us (i,e. people who didn’t ask for this and just wanted one album’s worth of Migos tracks), just pick and choose songs and put them into a playlist or something. That’s probably what they’re hoping for anyways.

No, I don’t hate Migos and I’m not a hater. I fuck with Migos. They are entertaining and the trio is decent at what they do. However, 24 songs–in one album–is a bit much to ask for anyone to listen to from any artist, 2018 or otherwise. Folks like KRIT get a pass because at least 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time is a double album with two completely different feels to it. This is just 24 songs that all feel the same.

You’ve been warned.

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