New SOTBMusic: @LilTunechi Drops A Dope-Ass Project in D6: Reloaded

I’m going to keep this Weezy F. review incredibly brief because I know most of my readership is readying themselves for the Royal Rumble (s/o Phranchize and my Eyes on the Ring family for their predictions) and I’m probably going to watch just to be an asshole on Twitter. However, you remember when I said that Carter II was the end of Wayne’s stranglehold of the game on some straight-up bars shit? Well, it seems like Tunechi put his rappity-rapper’s cap back on for this one. The second part of D6, D6: Reloaded features some of the hungriest Wayne bars I’ve heard in years.

As a Wayne fan–yes, even after stuff like Rebirth–I love when he puts his rappity-rapper hat back on and takes off the sometimes overly Auto-Tuned hat that he’s worn from times since the remix of “Dey Know” (RIP Shawty Lo). Wayne, when he’s completely on his shit, he’s one of the best rappers out. When he actually raps and it feels like he’s trying versus just going through the notions, when he’s inspired, he earns the hype. Hell, if Kendrick Lamar is giving you props and saying that nobody’s touching you (and Kendrick’s got the world in the palm of his hands)? Yeah, you’re doing something right.

Thankfully, we get another album’s worth of him being on his shit and reaching into his bag. Hearing Wayne on here is like going back in time. However, it’s not just a trip down memory lane as each track feels new. They often say that the sequel can’t surpass the original. Wayne’s proved that wrong several times (for instance, Carter II is miles better than Carter I) and this is no exception. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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