Should Daniel Bryan Wrestle Again?

If you’ve followed my site and my work with sites such as, you’ll know that I’m a huge Daniel Bryan fan. Even though I watch WWE less and less these days, I still find myself cracking up at his segments. Even if the Shane/DB segments take up most episodes’ opening minutes, he’s a crucial part of what makes SmackDown SmackDown. However, with WrestleMania–and Bryan’s WWE contract end date–moving closer and closer, it’s time to revisit a rumor that’s been floating around since Bryan announced his retirement back in 2016, flannel shirt and all.

If Daniel Bryan has been cleared by a ton of experts and is doing everything he can to prevent CTE from worsening his life expectancy and motor skills, should he wrestle again?

Look, I don’t know Daniel Bryan personally. I’m not in his head. I don’t know if his treatments are working or not. I do know that he’s said he’s been cleared by a lot of folks–outside of WWE, mind you–and he, in his heart of hearts, wants to lace up the boots and “YES! Kick” the shit out of The Miz (I would too, considering Miz is so good at garnering heat and Miz “stole” the YES! Kicks and other Bryan mannerisms). I’m just a guy who enjoys his wrestling.

As a father, I’d prefer he didn’t. If he fucks around and injures himself beyond repair, he can’t be as active in his daughter’s life as he probably would want. Even if he’s healthy now, what’s to say that he doesn’t injure himself again? I know this is the life he chose and it’d be like someone asking me to stop writing about hip-hop, wrestling, and nerd culture because my writing is causing people to jab pencils in their eyes. It’d be hard as hell, because it’s all I know, but if it brings out some good, why not?

I love Daniel Bryan’s work as much as the next technician fiend, but I don’t want the man to risk injury–even though there’s a selfish part of me that wants to see him wrestle and “YES! Lock” someone for another championship win. A part of me still wants him to kick someone’s fucking head in again. Perhaps, he can train folks with WWE or ROH or somewhere and feed his wrestling cravings that way?

Knowing what I’ve come to learn about Bryan from following his career for years, he’s never one to say never. Ultimately, it’s in his hands. Not mine, not Vince McMahon’s, not even his wife’s hands (although she can definitely force his hand, because marriage is a powerful thing). So, do I want to see Bryan wrestle again? Yes and no. Should he lace up again? That, I’m a bit more murky on.

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